How To Change The Hydro Oil On Your Mower


How to change the hydro oil on your stand on mower. Plus a tip to make it easier.

The recommended oil change interval on Wright Stander is oil and filter annually, or 500hrs in hot or harsh conditions. Use filter 34490002 and 2-4 quarts of Mobil 1 15w50 Synthetic oil.

Tools used were:
Oil fliter wrench:


To look up specific parts for your mower go to: and search for your mower serial number, select the schematic for your hydro system, select your pump or motor, and you will find the service parts listed under the pump or motor. Your local dealer will have these parts and can efficiently perform any necessary repairs. Find your local dealer at

Mobil 1 cold flow:
Mobil 1 1m km:

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