How to Assemble the Leesa Foundation and Mattress


How to assemble the leesa foundation. It took me about 30 minutes as I was also shooting a video. I figure it should take you 10-15 minutes. Handy people can probably do it faster than that. Leesa has created a one stop shop for your sleeping needs. If you were to start from scratch, you could get a solid foundation, mattress, pillow, sheet set, a bed frame (if you want more height), and a throw blanket that will accompany you everywhere you go in your house (well mine does). I’m a side sleeper and after sleep testing dozens of different mattresses, the leesa mattress is my best mattress for side sleepers:
You can see in the end of the video that all of the products are designed around the leesa cover.
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Want to get a leesa foundation & mattress? The current special is $100 off and a free pillow:

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