How is an isense mattress different than a Sleep Number mattress?

Thinking about a Sleep Number? Watch this first. It really comes down to adjustable foam vs. adjustable air. isense has the adjustability of a Sleep Number mattress and the solid construction of a traditional mattress and costs less!

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“We made isense to make sense, by combining the best of traditional and adjustable mattresses at a price that makes sense too.” Paul Longman, founder of isense talks about how the isense Revive Hybrid mattress compares to Sleep Number.
Take a look inside the beds. Sleep Number beds has two-way chambers that provide the support system for the mattress with varying foam layers for comfort. Add air to the chambers for increased support and remove air for less support. Air is supportive when using enough pressure to overcome our body weight, not as supportive when we reduce the volume of air in the chambers. This is the challenge isense set out to resolve. Unlike the Sleep Number bed that uses two chambers on either side of the mattress, isense has 580 pocket coils individually wrapped, surrounded by a foam edge support. In addition to the foam rail, there’s fabric laminated from the rail to the spring to provide a really strong structure when sitting on the edge of the mattress. On top of isense’s support system, we use a magical Energex™ open-cell foam that distributes heat away from the body. When the foam warms up it gives more spring, more bounce so you always have support, regardless of the temperature of the foam. Over the surface of the Energex™, there’s a second two-inch layer of Energex™ with both graphite-infused gel and a spray-on cooling feature. The biggest benefit of the isense bed is our comfort control technology located in the center third of the mattress, designed with six air chambers on each side of the bed. Add air to the chambers to compress and firm the foam for a firm setting. Release the air from the chambers for a plush foam setting. Edge support: On the Sleep Number set to a soft 30, see how much it compresses. On the isense bed at a soft setting, see it support your weight. A great demonstration is when you get off the bed. The Sleep Number mattress has an uneven surface set to a soft 30, leaving an impression on the surface of the bed. The isense mattress always goes back to its original shape no matter what setting you sleep on and always looks great.
What other benefits are there? Let’s look at how the core technology performs. Air is quite disruptive. Movement on one part of the Sleep Number bed easily transfers to other parts of the bed. Watch what happens to the bowling ball when we apply pressure to the mattress. Because isense has six chambers on each side nestled into the foam, motion is absorbed by the foam. I like to call the middle of the bed the cuddle zone. When one person’s on a firm setting and the other’s on a soft setting, it tends to create a ledge in the middle of the Sleep Number bed as demonstrated by the bowling ball. Remember, the isense mattress is engineered with 12 chambers surrounded by our premium Energex™ foam. Having these 12 chambers, six on either side of the mattress, is what keeps the cuddle zone even, eliminates individual partner disturbance, and provides 40 support settings. Let me demonstrate.
Will any of this really improve how I sleep? That’s the whole point, right? Let’s ask Dr. Robert Oexman, The sleep professor. “For a good night’s sleep you need to be comfortable. In an adjustable mattress that relies solely on air to determine support, the physics just aren’t there. Air moves to the weakest point, so it doesn’t contour your body. It actually moves away from you. But because isense uses adjustable foam, not adjustable air, it cradles your body, helping you to sleep comfortably. The ability to adjust to your comfort without compromising support.”
Isense has many additional features just like Sleep Number like: sleep tracking, temperature-regulating technology, Bluetooth connectivity, massage feature, under-bed lighting, anti-snore feature, integrated app? isense has all of that, too. The isense mattress has more comfort layers and pocket coil springs for the support system which weigh more than air making it heavier than Sleep Number’s mattress. isense does not automatically adjust if you change sleep positions because adjusting the bed means adding or removing air, which requires the pump to turn on. We choose not to add this feature, because the noise of the motor might wake you up.
isense customer service is available online or by phone, seven days a week and the mattress is backed by a 180-night comfort guarantee. Try the bed for 45 nights. If you’re not completely satisfied, we have up to 180 nights from the purchase date to return the mattress at zero cost to you.
To put all this into one mattress, isense must be really expensive. Actually, when compared to the equivalent Sleep Number models, there are significant savings.

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