Helix Mattress Review (2020 Update) – Reviewing Every Helix Model!

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In this guide, I’m going to introduce you to the Standard #Helix line. This collection boasts six unique #mattresses: the plush Sunset, the soft Moonlight, the medium firm Midnight, the contouring Dusk, the supportive Twilight, and the firm Dawn. I’ll briefly describe the models, chat up their distinct features, and then provide links to full #reviews of each bed.

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0:24 What does a Helix mattress feel like?
3:34 Reviewing the Helix mattresses
6:08 What are Helix mattresses made of?
8:07 Helix vs Casper Mattress
8:51 Helix vs Purple Mattress
9:28 Helix vs Helix Luxe Mattress
10:05 Do Helix mattresses need a box spring?
10:18 How long do Helix mattresses last?
10:32 Can you flip a Helix mattress?
10:51 Should you buy a Helix mattress?
11:26 Helix mattress complaints
11:48 Helix mattress company policies

Originally launched in 2014, Helix Sleep has since grown into one of the most popular bedding brands on the market. What sets it apart from the competition is its expansive line of mattresses, which range from the super soft to the ultra-firm and sturdy. This variety allows sleepers of all different styles and preferences to find a mattress that works for them.

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