Helix Luxe Dusk Mattress Review 2019 – Midnight, Dawn, Moonlight, Twilight & Sunset

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The much anticipated Helix Luxe Mattress is officially here! Offering an upgraded mattress and premium feel that still offers plenty of options.

Making this a luxury hybrid mattress unlike any other. You won’t have a problem finding the perfect feel when it comes to the choices offered with this bed.

Now Helix is offering an even thicker bed with more layers to give you 6 amazing personalized mattress options. You can even take their easy to follow quiz to have help finding your perfect selection.

Coming in at 14+ inches thick and with the quilted cover is 6 varying layers of support, pressure relief and optimal feel. With the Helix Luxe mattress your sure to find a perfect match with six different comfort options.

Especially with the upgraded new features that make this mattress the Luxe. Including zoned lumbar support coils for better support and ergonomics. A premium quilted pillow top for superior comfort. And the ultra cool cover that features Helix Cool Sleep Technology with phase change materials to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long.

Delivery : 00:15
Comfort: 00:51
Motion Transfer: 02:51
Sleeps Cool: 03:33
Edge Support: 04:19
Verdict: 05:11

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