Heated Vest Review | Hoson Heated Vest for Men and Women, Heated Vest For Winter #amazonreview

Heated Vest Review | Hoson Heated Vest for Men and Women, Heated Vest For Winter #amazonreview

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This electric heated vest is unisex, even in the cold winter, the electric heated vest jacket is very warm! It can be used for outdoor sports and motorcycle driving, walking, fishing and outdoor work in cold weather. With USB interface and mobile battery, easy to carry and use! When people go out in the cold winter, they usually need to wear a thick coat, which becomes very bloated. However, with our ultra-lightweight warming vest, you can wear less clothes and add a sense of fashion. The heating function helps to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain.

Hoson Heated Vest For Warmth
Hoson Lightweight heated vest is a must for outdoor activities during the cold winter months! Allows you to stay warm throughout the day and enjoy all outdoor activities such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, mountaineering, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting or office routines and business use in the fall and winter.

Hoson Heated Vest with Battery Pack Included!!!
Heated vests for men and women can be machine washed.
The high-quality polyester fabric has anti-static and vertical washing characteristics, making you warm and comfortable.
The three temperature settings can only be selected by pressing the button on the heating jacket (high, medium, and low). You can adjust the temperature. According to different environments, select the appropriate temperature.

How to use?

1. Take out the USB cable, the connection port is in the left pocket of the heating suit

2. Plug the USB port into a 5V power supply, it is recommended to use a 5V/2.1A mobile power supply (this heated vest set includes batteries)

3. Long press the button for 3 seconds, then start heating, click the button to select the temperature to be heated

4. Press and hold the switch button of the vest for 3 seconds to turn it on/off

What is included:

1 x lightweight heated vest

1 x 5v 10000mAh battery pack

2 x cable for charging battery

2 x cables (connect vest to powerbank)

1 x instruction manual

1 x handbag

All right here we have a large heated Vest from Amazon Comes with uh I believe a laundry bag As well as some battery packs Simply Like the vest here That’s your uh Battery uh I guess your button to decide What temperatures to be at Your user guide Fully charged before use disconnect Battery when it is in use Um Made in China Once you open it up you have your Battery pack You have your uh charging cable Looks like a couple I’ll give you two Connections for the best So we’ll uh we’ll try it on again size Large And uh Again it does not look I don’t Appear to see a laundry bag so maybe I can’t imagine that would be A laundry bag so maybe it’s inside Um There it does not appear to be any kind Of laundry bag All right so a couple things to note This is a reflective Uh gray I don’t know if you can Necessarily see it or not but uh does Reflect

Light so if you’re uh you’re out and Headlights hit you you’ll uh you’ll be Reflected and in the pocket you can see Where it would uh plug in that’s Literally from my side pocket something To note is the zipper Is for uh this is my left hand that is Unzippering this so it is a left-handed Zipper just so you know So I’m currently waiting for the battery To charge and I’ll give you an update on How long that takes in the meantime just Wanted to kind of walk through exactly What the features and benefits are based On the Amazon link So basically uh we talked about the Smooth zipper it is a left-handed zipper Uh side elastic material for extra Stretching so I ordered a large Um a relatively slim guy so if you’re if You are worried about sizing there is Some elastic material there to uh to Help for the stretch Uh the battery pack is convenient it’s In the left-handed pocket uh we we will Discuss the the button here in a few Seconds uh invisible zippers on the side Pockets apparently it’s windproof and Rain proof so there’s that so uh you Know again really what it’s going to do Is provide you with three different Temperature gauges and uh sorry we’re Gonna have a a high a medium and a low Um I know that they talk about them in

One of the images so let me there we go So it the the high basically says Um Basically it’s going to run at uh at About 50 to 65 degrees Celsius Um 45 to 55 in medium really the key Component for me is the battery length So if it’s running on high it gives you Five hours Um if it’s running sorry if it’s running On medium it gives you six and if it’s Running on low with just a little bit of Um of temperature boost it’s going to Give you a full eight hours on a full Charge it is a portable USB uh it does Um I don’t know if they have an image of The uh and I’ll share an image again Later of the battery pack it does have An additional USB port so if you need to Charge up your uh your phone uh or any Other device with that uh it is going to Be a convenience there that it can uh Can help you I was mistaken it does not Actually say that there is a uh an Actual laundry bag because it’s just Purely machine washable so it’s one of Those things where you can just throw Right into the uh into the laundry and And not worry about it uh again there Are it is a pretty light jacket as far As the uh the lightweight design uh it Does come with uh again the vest the Battery pack which we showed two Charging cables

Um and one uh one’s already connected to The vest for the power inside and then To the Um to the power bank and then they give You a backup battery back uh I’m sorry Cable for the power bank It comes with that convenient handbag if That matters to you and the instruction Manual and uh and that’s that so uh once This is fully charged we’re uh we’re Currently charging um it came with uh Three out of four bars already charged So I am charging the last one here and Uh I will uh finish the the video when When done Okay so it took a lot longer than I had Hoped to uh to actually get it to the Four bars here Um honestly it was a couple hours but uh Let’s go ahead and get it plugged in and Show the setup So the uh it’s a simple USB right into The To the base here I’ll try and give you a Better view Um there’s multiple ways to charge it There’s two pieces that uh can be Entered in and then there’s the two USBS So we’ll just go ahead and plug it in All right so it’s plugged in and all We’re going to do is just sit simply Hold this button down for three seconds And as you can see It is now uh kind of blinking

I’ll reverse the camera As you can see it is uh making multiple Color changes it’s just kind of Turning red And blinking a little and it takes about Five minutes to heat up Okay so we’re uh five minutes in and as You can see it’s now white uh it Defaults to the medium setting and you Just press it once and I don’t know if You can see the color change or not Um It’s now blue and then press it again We’re at red and basically the Difference being at Red you’re at full You’re at about 130 degrees At White you’re at about 115 degrees and Blue you’re at a hundred degrees so this Seems to be uh working pretty well I’m About to take it outside and I’ll let You know how that goes All right so I’m back inside uh it took About 20 minutes to be honest to get This thing to really start cooking it is Nice and warm it’s toasty and all the uh The locations here so in the center of The back the lower back and by the Pockets it’s uh it’s nice and warm Overall what I would probably do is wear Another jacket on top of this to just Trap that heat but some people I guess Might want to prefer to just wear it as A simple vest I will be using it as an Under layer personally to make sure that

The heat stays in again it takes a Little while to get going and to Simply Shut it off what you’re going to do is Just hold it for three seconds one two Three and there you go so hopefully you Enjoyed this review I’ll leave a link Below for anybody that’s interested in Getting