Healthy Sleep Classics

Make healthy mattress shopping simple. We have created three mattresses with classic comfort choices using organic cotton, organic wool, 100% natural talalay latex and European pocketed coils. Healthy is our word for us to relay the value of scientifically proven ergonomic function and Chemically safe breathability. Classic is our word to conveya high quality, time tested, simplified choice with the strongest popularity. With the infinite plethora of mattress choices and mysticalmarketing messages, some customers are looking for simple solutions. Like… when did shopping for a mattress become so complicated! ARGH!!!!!

However, common sense demands that we lie on a mattress before we invest. As we age, we need to feel that we have done our due diligence in investigating this important matter of sleep and mattresses.

Take it easy. Our team of experts have engineered three classic feeling designs that provide unparalleled, revolutionary posture and spinal alignment results using the healthiest European components available. Mostly made with organic and natural materials with the exception of polypropylene covered pocket coils. (PP is what they use to make straws and diapers… Um.. dry safe and durable.)

So keep it simple.

1. Watch the video to understand why these designs perform so well.

2. Then lie down as you would sleeping, be still, relax, breathe, stop incessantly thinking, and listen to your body.

3. Pick one of the three healthy sleep classics.

Respect your sleep.

Sleep well…

And sweet dreams.

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