Grammarly Review 2020 – Watch This Before You Buy It!

Grammarly Writing Support

Have you tried Grammarly? Here’s my honest review of the Grammarly proofreading tool in 2020. Get Grammarly app from the link:

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Do you type professional emails or write a lot on Desktop, MS-office, or just your browser? Would you like to make sure that your writing is grammatically correct, properly worded, and has a tone that matches your writing objectives? Grammarly provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) based assistance as you type, to make sure that the content is accurate and to the point.
In fact, in a lot of cases and on the basis of personal experience with Grammarly, the extension provides support which is much beyond grammar to boost mistake-free writing. In fact, Grammarly has also been ranked as one of the most innovative companies for suggesting where everyday writing can improve.

Whilst you might be debating if the Grammarly Free or Paid version is best suited for you and is it even worth the investment? I’ve analyzed both pros and cons of each version, along with the pricing to ultimately help you in making a decision.
Grammarly uses AI-enhanced grammar, spelling, and punctuation checker with browser and MS Word Integration to check the most popular mistakes like confusing words or unnecessary punctuation. Additionally, since it is AI, it can perform way better than a normal human spell checker. It can be used by one person only and is also available in the mobile version.

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