Grammarly Review [2020]: How well it catches grammar mistakes?

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What do you think is the best grammar checker out there?


Actually, it’s so hard to say which one is the best, there are Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Ginger, Whitesmoke, etc. How can we know which one is the best?

Well, watch this review on Grammarly and see how well it can catch errors.

I will show you how Grammarly looks like and how to use.

I will show you the 25 sentences and throw them to Grammarly. Finally, I will have a look at the final score and see how many errors Grammarly can catch.

Unlike most of the tests on youtube, this video is more unique — most of the videos just tell you the data on how accurate Grammarly is, but in this video, I will also show you which kind of mistakes Grammarly is bad at catching and which kind of mistakes Grammarly is good at catching.

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In this test, I will be covering these items with their levels of difficulty in an AI-proofreader perspective:
1. Subject-verb agreement (difficulty= level 1)
2. Embarrassing mistype of words (difficulty= level 2)
3. Tenses/ verb forms (difficulty= level 2)
4. Incorrect word form (difficulty= level 1)
5. Plural/ Singular (difficulty= level 1)
6. Comparative vs Superlative (difficulty= level 2)
7. Connectives (difficulty= level 2)
8. False Positive Test (difficulty= level 2)

Testing procedure:
1. Each sentence has one mistake, except for the false-positive test.
2. Each sentence carries four marks.
3. If Grammarly gets more than 70%, I will consider it as a pass.

Let’s see if Grammarly can check all those mistakes without any problems.

Description of Grammarly:
Grammarly is a grammar checker, one of the best grammar checker software in the world. It has free and premium versions.

I did this video (Grammarly Review) on youtube because I think it is better to show you the mistakes and mistakes of Grammarly so that you will have a general overflow on how Grammarly works.

You may be asking, why a proofreader like Grammarly is important for both personal users and business users? Well, proofreaders act like a second pair of eyes to help you make sure you are really. Every people can make mistakes accidentally. However, an AI-powered grammar checker can help a little. Even there are false-positives, we can ask our brain to justify whether we should change the sentences. Therefore, it is a solid way to try out proofreaders, especially free proofreaders.

So in this test, let’s see how Grammarly performs: How well Grammarly catches mistakes? I cannot wait to see it myself.

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