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Grammarly Review 2020: How accurate is Grammarly? [FAST!]

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Grammarly Review 2020: How accurate is Grammarly? [FAST!]

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With 100 mistakes for the accuracy test in this review, can Grammarly be the best spelling and grammar checker out there? Watch this video created by Wizword for my review on Grammarly, which I think is one of the best spelling and grammar checkers out there. I am going to show you how Grammarly helped me in my school, so remember to watch it until the end of the video!
Grammarly is one of the most popular proofreaders out there, that I think it’s because of the advertisements on YouTube. It’s very easy to use and Grammarly helps you refine word choice, sentence structures, etc. However, how accurate is Grammarly? Watch this test with 100 mistakes. There is a mistake in each paragraph.
You may be asking, why Grammarly or other proofreaders are important in our daily life? Is that because without proofreaders, I have nothing to review? Yeah! Maybe! However, before you say that, you need to know the importance of a proofreader. You may get mistakes very easily. You may think that grammar is as easy as ABC. However, you will discover that it’s not the case when you are using grammar in a high-pressure area. For example, you have to write a critical email to your boss. You do not have enough time! You have only 5 minutes to do so. Imagine what you can do! There may be many typos! Therefore, you have to make sure that you can eliminate the number of typos so that you won’t have to confuse your boss in this critical email. Therefore, a proofreader is needed. Again, remember to watch until the end of this video and I will show you how Grammarly saves me from my teacher in that 5-minute time.
What if you are just handing in your papers, and you have plenty of time to refine your writing? A proofreader is also important in this case. Don’t think that using a proofreader like Grammarly is cheating. Remember, you have to learn from your mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes if you use Grammarly. It will tell you why you are wrong. Even if you are an advanced English user, and you seldom get mistakes, all people can get a second layer of protection on getting mistake-free. Just imagine that you are riding on an aeroplane (US: airplane). There are very few accidents on aeroplanes (airplanes) nowadays. Why do we still need to put some life jackets in the aeroplane (US: airplane)? That’s because we have to make sure that the passengers are 100% safe. It’s the second layer of protection. Why not getting a proofreader like Grammarly in your daily life for getting mistake-free?
You may be asking, Grammarly cannot catch all grammar mistakes. Yes, I know, of course. However, what about a human brain? Human beings can also make mistakes like proofreaders. Therefore, we need 2 pairs of eyes on getting mistake-free.
Which proofreader is going to make sure that you’re more likely to get a mistake-free passage? In this test, I am going to test Grammarly with a hundred mistakes. I will calculate the percentage of the number of mistakes Grammarly can catch finally.
In this test, I am not going to test for false positives. If you would like to see the false-positive tests, I strongly recommend you watch the other videos on mine. Just hit the subscribe button below this video, RIGHT NOW. ^_^
Why this test is better than other tests?
1. I will do the test live on the video in a slightly-faster-mode. You can look at what Grammarly can usually catch.
2. I will comment and tell you why the sentence is wrong.
3. Very accurate, given the number of mistakes we have (100).
4. Learn from the mistakes Grammarly cannot catch, and prevent to make the same mistakes in your writing.
Get top-class proofreaders today.
If you have other suggestions on these proofreaders, please leave your comments in the comment section below.
If you get any questions or suggestions on the test method, I would also be happy to hear your thoughts in the comment below.
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Let one of the best proofreaders help you in your daily life!
Tell you a secret, I use Grammarly for this video description!
*** Please note that all the sentences in the mistake database are from my friends, my relatives, my emails I receive previously, and some are made up by me. Any promotions-related things are not included.
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