Grammarly or Human Proofreader? (Detailed Review)

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Grammarly or Human Proofreader?
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I’ve heard people raise concerns that programs like Grammarly are replacing freelance proofreaders. I’ve talked about this a little bit before in another video, but I wanted to go more in-depth here.

So, firstly, what do these online grammar checkers do? Well, they help to detect errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and word choice, along with an explanation for each suggestion.

Grammarly is quite effective at catching certain mistakes. For example, it will easily find most spelling errors and duplicated words.

It can also check for errors in different dialects. It can do American, British, Canadian, and Australian, which is very handy as there are lots of subtle differences between them all.

It’s also got a great Chrome extension so you can use it while browsing, posting on social media, and using Google docs.

However, it doesn’t pick up every error. It often misses words that are used incorrectly in the context of the writing.

If you’re following a specific style guide, which most writers do, it’s not going to be the best help as the style guide determines the dictionary you use and certain subtle differences in punctuation.

It also can struggle with inconsistencies within and between documents. If the name of a character accidentally changes from one paragraph to the next, it might not pick up on that.

It also just sometimes makes some very odd suggestions, and if you’re not that familiar with the English language, you might just accept them without looking into it.

Basically, English has flexible grammar rules, and a more or less black and white algorithm can really struggle to learn that, but it can be useful as a final check.

Remember, it’s an aid for learning English grammar rather than a teacher of English. Grammarly is a tool. It’s meant to help you improve your writing. It doesn’t replace a human proofreader.

It’s handy for social media posts, short content, or writing where you don’t mind if some errors just slip through. However, as I’ve said before, someone that gets paid for their writing in some capacity, their writing is a direct reflection of their work and their value. If there are mistakes in their work, this can detract from their message. It can also reduce the author’s credibility and reputation.

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Grammarly or Human Proofreader?

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Watch Replay Here:

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