Grammarly Grammar Checker Review 2020: Comparing the Free VS Premium Memberships with a Live Demo!

Grammarly Writing Support

My Grammarly review will compare the free version of this grammar checker versus the premium version. We’ll grammar check the same demo text in both free and premium versions and see what the difference is. ▶ Get Grammarly for free here: (affiliate link)

How effective is the free version of Grammarly? Is the premium version of Grammarly worth it? And how will this grammar check tool help transcriptionists, writers, proofreaders, and copy editors?

I’ll show you why I think Grammarly is the best grammar checker on the market and how you can use it to improve your transcripts, emails, writing, and more!

Where to get Grammarly: 1:20
How to install Grammarly on Chrome or Firefox – 1:33
How to edit or upload a document – 2:29
Grammarly Free Version Demo – 3:58
What the free version missed – 7:36
Using Grammarly to edit emails – 8:10
Grammarly Premium Version Demo – 11:46
Cost of Premium membership – 19:37
Final thoughts: Is it worth it? – 20:26

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