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Grammarly – Full Review – Who’s It For?

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Grammarly – Full Review – Who’s It For?

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An honest #review including the good and the bad points of #Grammarly. Who’s it for and is it worth the #subscription fee?

In this video, I’m discussing the following topics.

• What is Grammarly?
• Who would use it and why?
• Is it free and is it worth the money?
• The pros and the cons

I’ve been using the service for about three months now, and I wanted to make a video reviewing the service. It’s something that’s advertised heavily across social media, so I bet some of you are curious as to whether it’s any good.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with Grammarly in any way. I paid for my subscription and made this video out of choice. My opinions are entirely my own.

Thanks for watching and please consider subscribing if you enjoy the review.

MUSIC: Mike Luck – Mir


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