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Grammarly Writing Support
I found Grammarly last week and am obsessed. Grammarly is a free tool to help you improve your English and grammar. This technology works thru a browser extension.

Think of Grammarly as a grammar checker for everyday use. Imagine having an editor for all of your typos and grammar mistakes (but instead of and editor it’s the Grammarly technology.)

While spell check has been out for a while now, it’s amazing how so many online tools do not have built-in spell check! Also, this is more than a spell checker, the technology makes sure you are using the correct english words – helping you improve your english writing skills.

In our review video, you’ll learn how to use Grammarly. I’ll show the grammar correcting technology in action.

If you write a lot, or if you just happen to make a lot of typos like I do – you will love this. (On top of that, I am awful at proofreading!)

So Grammarly is free. There are subscription options, but start with free! How I use Grammarly, is as a Chrome extension. As I type, Grammarly checks my grammar.

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