Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control Review

Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control Review
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Product Name: Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft RGB LED Light Strip with Remote Control, 20 Colors and DIY Mode Color Changing Light, Easy Installation LED Lights for Bedroom, Ceiling, Kitchen, 2 Rolls of 32.8ft

The Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft is a product that offers versatile lighting options for your home. The strip is 65.6ft long, which allows you to light up your entire room or space. The lights come with a remote control that enables you to adjust the brightness and choose from a range of colors and modes.

Key Features:

65.6ft long strip with 360 LED lights
Comes with remote control
Can be cut to fit your specific space
Offers a range of colors and modes
Easy to install with adhesive tape

Versatile and flexible lighting options
Remote control makes it easy to adjust the lighting from a distance
Can be cut to fit any space, making it customizable
Easy to install with adhesive tape
Offers a range of colors and modes to create different moods and settings
The strip is long enough to light up an entire room or space

The adhesive tape may not be strong enough to hold the strip in place for a long time
Some users have reported issues with the remote control not working properly
The strip may not be as durable as other LED light strips on the market
Overall, the Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft is a versatile and customizable lighting option for your home. With a range of colors and modes, as well as the ability to cut the strip to fit your specific space, this product offers a lot of flexibility. While there are some concerns with the adhesive tape and remote control, these issues are not experienced by all users. If you’re looking for a way to add some fun and colorful lighting to your home, the Govee LED Strip Lights, 65.6ft is definitely worth considering.

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Govee LED Strip Lights Review

All right this is a fast and simple Review of the Govi 65 foot LED strip lights I'm just kind of Showing you around my my daughter's room Here Um this is uh a pretty great thing it Can go they basically just tape right on Um to you know I'll try and give you a Better look here Um and I'll put on the light just so you Can see it uh They kind of go right in they they It's basically like a tape you just peel Off the back and just it'll stick right To any surface that you need I did the Floorboards um you know my I have Another uh pair that we put up in the Ceiling But I'm going to show you I'm going to Show you a couple things it comes with a Simple little um little piece here that Uh you do need to find near a plug so The lights will kind of go right into a Plug and it has a little base right There but I wanted to show you kind of The function so first of all there's a Power which turns it right off and I'm Going to turn the light off just so you Can kind of see how how it lights up Pretty well so I'm just going to be Pushing the buttons here that's the Power button Turns it on and off we have multiple

Colors So you there this is blue we have like a An aqua we have a violet or purple Um I guess this is kind of a lighter Blue again Um but red orange Um so as you can see there's green There's multiple different colors that You can uh set it up for so You know there's there's some great Functionality that's the middle button That I'm pressing by the way and then There's a dimmer so you can have three Different stages of lighting Um or more so there's a very low you Know kind of landing strip light Um and as I keep pressing it I'll Announce it so this is the lowest next And final so I'm not sure if you can Really tell how that works but um that's That third light here so my daughter Loves it um lights up the room very well As you can kind of tell Um and uh you know so she'll use it I Turn him off when she falls asleep or You know or whatever but Um they can light up a room and provide Lighting without needing a lamp or any Kind of alternate uh you know light Light sources so I'm really happy with The results for these um pretty easy to Just tape on they they work around the Reason I'm showing your closet they work Around corners

Um very very well and it makes it super Easy to kind of do things you may want To hide uh you know some Corners get a Little bit more difficult Probably Um They get a little bit more uh Let me zoom in as much as I can you know You can tell it's harder around the Corners but overall very easy to work With and 65 feet gives you a lot of room So hope this review helps