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GhostBed vs GhostBed Luxe – Which Should You Choose?

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GhostBed vs GhostBed Luxe – Which Should You Choose?

Read my full comparison of the GhostBed mattresses:

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Since its founding in 2015, Ghostbed has been on a mission to bring “supernatural comfort” to sleepers across the United States. But how exactly does it achieve this other-worldy aim? With an arsenal of excellent sleep products led by two powerhouse mattresses: The Ghostbed and Ghostbed Luxe.

While I’ve taken a look at both of these beds in the past, today I’m going to be pitting them against one another to see which of these ghoulish models reigns supreme. Could it be the gentle yet buoyant all-foam Ghostbed? Or will its temperature-regulating cooler sister emerge triumphant?


Before we dive into what makes these Ghostbed siblings different, I wanted to start off this comparison by figuring out some of their key similarities. By sussing out all the characteristics they share, we can better understand how their distinct modifications inform their individual feels!

Cooling – Both the Ghostbed and Ghostbed Luxe are designed with cooling in mind. The former stays cool thanks to a breathable, perforated layer of latex combined with a section of gel-infused memory foam. The latter also features gel memory foam, but amps up the cooling with a special phase change material in the cover.

All-foam – The Ghostbed models have seemingly similar all-foam constructions, which some customers might think means they’ll sleep the same. While it’s true that these foam makeups can evoke comparable feels, as you’ll see later on, there are subtle design differences at play that make these mattresses totally unique.

Bounce & Pressure Relief – Another similarity you’ll notice between these beds is that they offer a pretty balanced feel between pressure relief and support thanks to the mix of memory foam and the brand’s proprietary Bounce foam. So regardless of the Ghostbed you go with, you’re guaranteed to experience some solid, supportive comfort.

To learn about the differences you’ll have t read or watch the full review!

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