GhostBed Foundation Review: Sleepopolis


Sleepopolis takes a look at the matching foundation on this GhostBed review.

The GhostBed foundation is built using 100-percent Canadian Spruce with horizontal and vertical lumber that gives structural integrity to the foundation. This hard strong durable wood does a great job of holding weight and evenly supporting it. The fabric cover is made of rayon and a polyester giving it a great durability and crafted to protect the bed frame and mattress.

After a number of tests the GhostBed foundation came out on tops of being durable.

“It is one of the best box springs that I have tested… strongly durable, passed all my tests. Does a great job in creating tremendous support. When picking up the GhostBed mattress it is awesome to have the matching foundation as well.”

The design of the GhostBed foundation is very impressive. It is designed up to hold up to 2000-pounds evenly distributed. It can be assembled easily with hand tools and even easier with a power drill

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