Fruit Juice is a Scam (And so is Juice Fasting)

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Juice has as much or more sugar per serving than soda.

Not only is juice a scam and not good for you, but juice fasting is even worse. What worse way to get fat than drinking pure fructose under the guise of “health” while misusing the word “fast.”

Founder/CEO, Wild Foods Co

Get the Free PDF Cheatsheet download 7 Principles of Living Wild by The Ancestral Mind

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Learn the WHY behind your health. Regardless of where you are at, your environment is why you have the health you have, for better or worse. Let’s get back to REALNESS, back to nature, and get your genes firing the right way instead of the wrong way. That’s the Wild Way.

Join the movement of people finally seeing through the food lies we’ve been fed by the powers at the top. Fats are in, carbs and grains are out. Now it’s your turn to join the movement and take your health to the next level!

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