Front & Middle Splits In 14 Days | Yoga Splits Challenge For INCREDIBLE FLEXIBILITY

7 Day Prayer Miracle

This yoga stretch class for full front and middle splits will help you achieve your split goals and at the same time extremely improve your leg and hip flexibility. This Boho Beautiful yoga practice for all levels can be done on its own or as part of our 14 day challenge if you are looking for fast and incredible results.


Details: Complete the videos listed for each day which include this current video and another yoga class that will help you continue to expand your physical flexibility and help release muscular tension.

Both classes will add up to be about 1 HR of yoga per day so please set aside an hour per day to complete this challenge and to gain the ultimate results.


Day 1:
Complete This Video Only

Day 2:
Complete This Video + Easy Stretch & Stress Release

Day 3:
Complete This Video + Full Body Yoga Workout

Day 4:
Complete This Video + Perfect Morning Yoga Flow

Day 5:
Complete This Video + Yoga For Digestion

Day 6:
Complete This Video + Yoga Class For Total Body Recharge

Day 7:
Complete This Video+ Blissful Yin Yoga Experience


Day 8:
Complete This Video + Yoga Flow For The Full Body

Day 9:
Complete This Video + Gentle Yoga To Feel Your Best

Day 10:
Complete This Video + Blissful Yoga Flow For Unsettling Times

Day 11:
Complete This Video + Yin Yoga Deep Stretch

Day 12:
Complete This Video + Yoga To Stretch & Feel The Bliss

Day 13:
Complete This Video + Breathtaking Yin Yoga Class

Day 14:
Complete This Video + Yoga For Flexibility


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