Food Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Nonperishable food items – Bring along nutritional, no-cook foods like granola/energy bars, nuts, MRE’s (meals ready to eat), and snack foods. These are easy to pack and store, will keep you from starving, and will provide you with much-needed energy.

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Hi guys and welcome back to the second Video so we will be talking about 11 Vital items to include in your survival Pack and we are into our second on the List Um and that will be non-perishable food Items So Um Bring along nutritional non Or no cook Foods like granola Energy bars nuts Mres or meals ready to eat and snack Food so these are easy To pack and store and will keep you from Starving so And and it will also provide you with a Much needed energy so i’ll be giving you Five Websites where you can actually buy This time Granola bars or Ready-to-eat foods So again Uh here we have emergency As you can see here against five this is Like a five-year Shelf life Actually all of them here five year Five years so it depends on you if you Want like per Piece i forget that for example this one This is like per piece this is 1.47

Um before it was 1.55 cents so per piece It is um if you want the orange or the Blueberry or the raspberry or vanilla Lemon and cherry so you pick uh Your favorite Um I call this your favorite Uh Fruit All right next up is here we have the Sos emergency ration and this is like 2 400 um calorie yeah And So this is um [Music] 4.99 Msrp 5.99 So this one This is a case of 40 of the sos emergency ratio which is This one so if you want to if you want To pack like A case Then you should buy this one this is This is only Uh msrp is 173 And now it is 159.99 And if you want to pack Um Like a palette here you can also pick This one but this one before the msrp is 11 980 And is now on

Sale price which is seven dollars no Seven thousand nine hundred ninety Dollars so that is um Your choices here for emergency kits Again it depends if you want it per Piece Per Pack here Per box or per pallet so it depends If you’re stocking up for like hurricane Or for any disaster coming in your way It’s good to pack like a pallet here so This will this is this has a five-year Uh Five-year Shelf life All right So next up is mayday Here we have this one but i need to sign It for the pricing but i know i’m not Going to sign in right now but i’m going To show you this is actually the Direct site so you can actually just Sign in and you can order so you can see The pricing so you can order Them So It’s 20 per case weight is 39 pounds Individually and the weight is 1.75 So 200 To 2 400 and 3 600 calorie bars That are approved by the us coast guard

As well as the canadian transport Department and has a five-year shelf Life so yeah Um there’s a lot of emergency kit here Emergency food kit And also they have water here So yeah Just sign in if you want to see the Pricing and You might want to Order from them directly So there you go that is mayday Next up is They also have here um Food uh like a granola bar here this is Sos food bar this is a 3600 calorie And It says their five year shelf life Tastes like coconut cookie and kosher Certified So Their sale price is five dollars and 33 Cents And their price is 5.95 cents So this is what it looks like Here So here it’s it’s good that they Indicated that it tastes like a coconut Cookie so you Definitely know what it takes what it Should taste like Here is the description If you’re nitty gritty with the

Ingredients they also included the Ingredients here So that’s good And It says your food bars can be the Perfect way to round out a school Emergency kit alongside an emergency Toilet which is correct And they also have other related items Here like the water Um Datrex food bar Also here There All right so you can see the price here Per per foot bar here It’s 3.96 And again it depends if you want to Stock up For Like a good Year i like good for like good for one To five years then you might want to Stock up like boxes or cases of um Your emergency food bar There you go so we have sos Next is datrex Here Again this is statrex emergency food uh Ration so this is 3600 Kcal and this is 20 per pack Per case Um excuse my dog

Okay there you go sorry about that All right so just Scroll it down and you will see the Description And it says here 20 packs This is Content 18 individually wrapped 20 200 kcal Package rate 24.8 ounce Package dimensions package per case Shelf life five years Designed for maximum Palatability across all ages and food Tastes Eat solid or can be mixed with water High energy value and ready to eat to Eat Non-thirst provoking which is great Especially if you’re Outdoor Small and lightweight All natural ingredients no preservatives And tabletized and sub packaged for ease Of rationing so this is what it looks Like Let’s click on that one Oh it cannot be loaded Okay okay I can’t close it there’s a close button Here but anyways Again that’s All right next but not the least here It’s

Shop dot So we have here Blocks Energy So Let’s check on this one if you hover Your mouse you will see The prices like that like so So this is box energy juice this is Strawberry flavor this is caffeine This is Variety pack okay so this Costs Wait 39 And 20 cents and this is 16 packets So yeah it depends on The Flavor If you want watermelon if you have Mountain berry tropical punch Orange flavor margarita flavor Um citrus flavor Ca Um cran ras flavor ginger raw ginger Rail flavor and Athlete series sample variety pack So there you go these are Triple energy a quick this one is energy Shoes provide quick chewable energy to Athletes in training While training and racing So it means this Has a high calorie

Count so let me check So if you click on this one you will see The ingredients So if you want some To read some Frequently asked questions just click on This one And click on that There you go All right so again we have we have We have and So please Uh stay tuned for our third video um And thank you so much for watching