Flashlight Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

Some sort of compact light that you can use when it gets dark will help make the situation easier to navigate at night. If you can afford to pack extra batteries, that’s a plus.

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Hi guys and welcome back uh thank you so Much for clicking this video um so let’s Go to our ninth Item that you want to add to your Wilderness survival kit So the ninth item will be flashlight Or headlamp so some sort of Compact light that you can use when it Gets dark Will help make the situation Easier Especially to navigate at night So if you can afford to pack an extra Batteries that is A plus all right so i’m going to show You some headlamps For websites That can that carries headlamps here and Also not just headlamps but also Flashlights so um this one is Police security.com they have a 29.99 um Headlamp here it says morph R2300 removable head lamp so it’s a 230 Lumens um 42 m beam distance four hour run time And It’s really good because again it’s a Headlamp it’s it’s easier you just put It wear it in your head and it’s easier To navigate especially if you’re holding Some items And or climbing you know it’s easier And uh yeah and If you can see here the features it’s

Lead chip it’s a Cob latest chip on board technology Um Magnetic it attaches to metal so you can Work hands-free which is great Um dual force means two lights in one at The same time very good eco-friendly go Green go rechargeable great alkaline Batteries It is batteries uh included Also this is a rechargeable uh battery So it includes lithium-ion batteries Um So limited lifetime Warranty Okay water resistant which is great it Can be submerged to one meter to for 30 Minutes Uh impact resistant survives drops to Three meters which is great And Comfort comfort adjust straps um you Have enough making your head hurt So yeah there’s also the specifications Here the light output the head headlamp Base runtime Waterproof up to three feet drop proof And limited lifetime Warranty okay they also have some Flashlights here Which is great so if you’re if you’re Not into headlamps you can also look for Um A portable flashlight or a rechargeable

Flashlight so this is the dover Rechargeable flashlight costs around 39.99 And for the blackjack flashlight it’s 40.99 So you have a lot of options here in Pull the security flashlights So again it depends on um Your Needs and your specifications All right next we have northwest mine Supply they have a wisdom Model here it’s 165.99 It’s um Here it Okay waterproof To 20 plus meters which is great Rechargeable uh Rechargeable meters and functions the Power bank to recharge your cell phone Which is great so it means that you can This is not just a lamp but it can serve You as a power Bank to charge your cell phone so this Is a good one And these lamps have three models As you can see below depends on what Hours of operation you want you want the Five hour operation 13 hours or 60 hours I mean depends on the lighting so if It’s high It’s 5 hours if it’s medium 13 hours if It’s low it’s 60 hours so there’s an Inclusion of usb uh charging cord micro

Usb adapter cord With zim lamp 4a with stainless steel Um and so there’s like a wisdom warranty Information here it’s uh covered by a Two year warranty from date of Manufacturer you can see the model Comparison here uh it depends on which One you like is it the wise light 2 Wisdom 3a or wisdom 4a There you go So there’s a lot here again This is um northwest mine supply Next up we have night ties so this one Is um There’s a lot of Products here if you want like a Rechargeable disc oh tech wheel light There is a rechargeable string light Here Taglet it’s uh you can actually Attach this to your T-shirt or your jackets or your bag They have also a headlamp also a Rechargeable focusing flashlight a Rechargeable utility light And A rechargeable led flying disc if you Want to play A flying disc at night but again for Survival you can choose between Um The rechargeable the utility light Rechargeable flat focusing flashlight Headlamp and the

Magnetic led marker just in case you Want some illumination at night and so That you will know Um who is that where is that person Without using a flashlight so yeah if we Click if we click on the rechargeable Headlamp let’s see here Um So this is with 170 lumens of flood Lighting Uh that’s perfect for task Um It has four modes adjustable tilt and a Detachable body that converts to a Handheld light So it’s like Perfect um the product information is Here below Um It has uh If it’s white or high it’s 170 lumens Good for two hours if it’s white low It’s 20 lumens that’s good for 11 hours And if it’s red High Five lumens that’s good for 18 hours so This is Uh a great uh headlamp and um there’s Like an easy push button design Impact resistant Uh drop proof up to one meter Uh detachable headlamp body tilts 180 Degrees Comfortable high quality adjustable

Strap Um Recharge Recharges in approximately two hours and 40 minutes using micro usb cable so that Is not included And the dimensions and weight is also Here So it says here for the review Um Once again the right lumens and the Correct spectrum light great light it Really Sucks that is Night time is so case sensitive with the Wording for their discount codes okay Amazing product helped a lot with many Uh with my annual company inventory with But what i really enjoyed was the copy Describing the product and its features Great writing great So not this is just not the headlamps They have the focus Uh focusing uh light and also the Rechargeable utility lights it depends On your needs and specifications all Right next but not the least we have the Rate shop so with the ratio there’s like Here oh no no no no no no no Oh okay sorry so Let me pause that one All right so i’m back with the correct Um Products so here for the headlamps we

Have about 60 products here there’s a Lot of Products that you can choose Um like there’s like a black diamond Pencil Phoenix Yeah so there’s a lot of different kinds Of products here again it depends on Your quality uh your your um Specifications and needs and also with The budget if you want like a lower Budget there’s like 19.95 Um They also have like a 69.95 So again it depends so there’s a lot of Products here if you want to compare Again there you can compare up to Four four Four items click compare here and you Will see And you can you will be able to compare The products the four best products that You think suits you and then just go Ahead and Um read on to it Digest what is in in this page And um see what is What what is uh the best product For you and then just go ahead and shop Item if you want So Um yeah so that is for Flashlights and headlamps so we have Rey.com

Nighteyes.com Northwest mine supply and we have Pulleysecurity.com so yeah thank you so Much for watching this video on to our Last but not least um Video so thank you so much for watching