Flashlight Tactics, Tip & Tools For Survival | 11 Handy Vital Items to Include in Your Survival Pack

Flashlight (with extra batteries) – Flashlights will give you reassurance by providing you with the ability to see when you are faced with one of human’s most common fears: the dark. They also offer yet another signaling option. Pack extra batteries as well to prolong the lifespan of your flashlight.

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Hi guys welcome back so we are on our Seventh item for our 11 vital items to Include in your survival pack um so the Seventh item on our list is A flashlight And um So of course You should have an extra batteries for It so flashlights will give you Reassurance by providing you with the Ability to see when you are faced with One of humans most common fears Um the dark so they are they also offer Yet another signaling option so pack Extra batteries as well to prolong the Lifespan Of your flashlight or you can also have Those flashlights where they are Rechargeable So that’s also good so i’ll be giving You five websites where you can actually Buy a good flashlight so first is light Lights all There you go lights all um here They have different kinds of flashlights Here This one is rechargeable flashlight Slash lantern this is 14.99 Um this one is a rechargeable lantern Flashlight For 24.99 They have here a lumen rechargeable cob Lead cube light this is what it looks Like

And there’s like a glow-in-the-dark led Pocket flashlight with cob lead This is 4.99 And This is also rechargeable flashlight and Task light So this one is A flashlight keychain two packs uh for 9.99 So it depends on how lightweight Um you want for your Flashlight and if you prefer Using batteries i suggest to pack more Batteries with you so just in case you Have um Uh You can use your flashlight longer Um you know for Such Circumstances But if you want a very lightweight you Can use Like this kind of flashlight which is um Like a keychain flashlight which is Great And so there’s a lot of a lot of Flashlights here So Yeah you can choose What type of flashlight you prefer this One is not a this one is not a keychain Flashlight but as you can see it when Holding it’s it’s it’s a Little flashlight so it’s really

Lightweight and compact and right and Easy to pack With you So if you click on this one for example Let’s click on this Okay So this one is 9.99 And if you scroll down you will see the Product features to pack the Detachable keychain lanyard bright and Compact it’s only 25 lumens and it has a 3.5 hour run time So each light powered by a One Double a battery Which is um already included when you Order this one So yeah this is an example of a Lightweight Lightweight flashlight there we go So this is what it looks like two packs This one So it says your compact heavy duty It includes uh two double a batteries Here one uh one for each There you go So Let’s see here Yeah so that’s basically um Lights all so there’s different kinds of Flashlights that you want to use like For example this one it’s a flashlight Screwdriver this is perfect when you’re Doing

Uh Things in a dark Area Which is great So Yeah Again that’s lights all Next up is night night eyes um so there Also this is uh They have a lot of different kinds of Flashlights here i prefer the mini ones Especially if you want a very Um Lightweight easy to put into your bag or Very easy to attach to your bags Yeah so there’s like also rechargeable Flashlights here as well they also have A keychain flashlight And some other types of flashlights here So yeah that is a night Night ties So again it Whichever Kind of flashlight that you want to use Is it rechargeable or with it comes with A battery so yeah if it’s rechargeable That’s good You don’t need batteries but if you want The the flashlight batteries just make Sure to pack Extra batteries All right next up is Lowes.com they have 40 products in Miniature flashlights so this

Is For example the lead Lux pro craftsman coast uv Lead So for example um Here this is a 400 lumen lead miniature Flashlight Battery included this is only for 24 Dollars A free store peak pickup And they have a delivery Fee but it will be free if your order is 50 uh 45 Above And again there is also like this kinds Of flashlights which is You can easily hook it into your bag or Your purse [Music] So there’s like a trending now This is a button lamp 13 lumen lead miniature flashlight So this is trending i think this is best If To put it in your bag or in your clothes Easily so that They can actually see you at night Uh what else what else There so there’s different kinds of Um flashlights here again it depends on You this one is like This one looks like a pen So this is 2.37 Cents

If you want a very lightweight like Like if you want to put it in your purse Or You know Small um Small bag this is really easy to Pack So there there’s like a Seeker our rechargeable keychain light This one is 14.97 Um Yeah so they have lots of types of Flashlights here again it depends on Your Needs if you want a rechargeable or Battery Operated Flashlight so again it depends if also What type of lumen you prefer if it’s Like a 400 lumens 25 lumens There you go Again that is Lowes.com Next is we have swps.com Um this one for example is a lead pen Light so you can use it like that it’s Like it’s like a pen Just click it here This area And this is 16 Before it’s 30 dollars all right So you can see here the description

Key ring 3.5 inches long Limited lifetime Warranty O-ring sealed unbreakable polycarbonate Lens corrosion and waterproof Construction And so on Okay So yeah that is for spswps.com Next is superfire so for super fires They have the flashlight series here This one for example is the mini Flashlight with a size of 131 by 36 by 29 mm Or millimeters Um no this is the new arrival item Please contact us for moq and more Information okay See here is the details the brand the Model the super size a product size Weight voltage power Battery capacity Product material the color anti-fall Height so If it’s like one meter Fall Then most likely the product will Survive Lighting distance is also a must to know Like for example this is 220 meters of Lighting distance Charging port this is usb interface Charging time is about

Two hours Run time about two hours Waterproof ip43 And light display strong Light weak light and strobe This is what it looks here Portable and compact There you go So they have like a this is the power Button the lanyard whole usb interface And the charging indicator so this one Is chargeable Yeah So i suggest if you are Using chargeable batteries like this one You should bring like a Um What do you call this A portable Charger with you Like a power bank so that Just in case that you need that that This needs to be um charged you have That ready with you There you go this is what it looks like Red shows when charging blue if it’s Already fully charged Four Levels of light modes Strike a strong light low light strobe And sos So they have two colors one is desert Yellow and black So nitrogen polymer

Body lightweight high length high Strength durable So application scenarios we have outdoor Lighting Daily lighting Work lighting and adventure lighting You can see here The product Parameter parameters battery capacity Color Anti-fall height weight voltage and Stuff So yeah this one is let me check Here Okay so that is for Superfire.com And we have Sbws.com Lowes.com Nighteyes.com and lightsall.com So thank you so much for watching and Please Watch the next video for our eighth item On our 11 survival items To include in your survival pack so Thank you so much for watching