Fishing Line Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

While cordage can serve as fishing line in an emergency situation, there is also a benefit to packing this lightweight tool. In a survival situation, it’s important to have a method of gathering food once you run out of your emergency rations. Fishing line and hooks can easily be tied to a branch and used to fish nearby streams.

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Hi guys and welcome back um we are into Our eighth Um Item that you want to add to your Wilderness revival kit so the Eighth item is fishing line and hooks so While cordage can serve As fishing line in an emergency Situation there is also a benefit to Packing this lightweight tool In a survival situation It is important to have a method of Gathering food once you run out of Emergency Rations And fishing line and hooks can easily be Tied to a branch and use To fish nearby streams so i’m gonna show You Four websites where in I’m gonna show you some compact survival Fishing kit That you can pack with you Anytime So we have uh They have the best glide ase survival Fishing kit this is the basic version so This is for thirty dollars And The category sports and outdoors camping Equipment camping tools And the description is below Um you can see that there’s a durable Metal container fishing lures salmon

Eggs fly bait holders Waze floats and all of that And You can see here the seller Are the reviews so it says your Transaction complete this message is an Automated okay no great buy thank you so Much okay So there’s a lot of survival tools below But um with this one It’s um it’s for thirty dollars plus Four point eight four dollars and eighty Cents delivery fee so this is what it Looks like So it’s really compact And um Yeah this is like 3.5 to 4 inches Small It’s really compact you can put it in Your pocket And whenever you’re going out for an Adventure Yeah so this is really handy and compact Which is For me it’s a go it’s a go-to basic Fishing kit And that is my sorry and next up we have Um vigilant trails so they have a Pre-packed survival fishing kit stage Three this includes both passive and Active means to catch fish Now includes self snag hook jig So it says they provide all the

Necessary gear to increase your odds At survival food acquisition Includes one of each vigilant trails Handrail and automatic metal reel Cell snack hook jig use it in survival Situations Only so a large variety of vigilant Trails artificial viewers with help land Most north american fish species Compact portable and lightweight a Survival necessity and buyer’s uh Guarantee So you can see this is um Uh The The kit Here This is what it looks like There’s the description and the Specifications of All the items Okay And This Is for 29.88 Yup So yeah Next one is uh for They have the Compact survival fishing kit this is for 11.50 cents Again compact survival kit this is what It looks like So it’s

As big as your hand Okay So that is The The items included in your survival kit And here’s the weight and uh it says Here compact survival kit is a well Stock basic durable quality and Inexpensive survival fishing kit so Packaged in a heavy duty six Mil ziploc bag it is flatter so that it Can be added to a thin survival kit Okay so These are the um Uh items that is included in that kit They have like they have like a salmon Eggs and holder on painted round tiny Shad Swirl tail grub Um toothpick float bobber Yeah so that is the description so this Is only for 11.50 Okay against revival resources last but Not the least we have the Brigade Qm They have a brigade Qm survival fishing kit this is only 47.25 This is designed for s-e-r-e training Small pocket size plastic container Is packed with survival fishing gear for Gathering food in the wild compact size Is ideal for any outdoor adventure so

This is what i’m telling you guys if you Are going for an Adventure And just to make sure that You know whenever You go out you you want to make sure That you have a fishing kit especially If you are in an outdoor Um or in a forest or in a In a river you know just to make sure That you have a fishing Kit so that whenever you’re out of your Resources he can Actually um catch For A fish so that it can be served as your Food And survive So again this is 7.25 The description is here you can see that There is This specification as well split sinkers Fishing hooks bait nibbles Inflatable bobbers Fishing line It’s all in here So yeah again for the fishing kit We have the brigade qm we have a and So thank you guys for watching and on to The next video bye