First Aid Kits & Supplies For Survival | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

First Aid Kits & Supplies For Survival | Part 5 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Be prepared for emergencies by packing first-aid supplies with you. Start with a pre-made kit and modify it to fit your trip and your medical needs.

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A First Aid Kit is an emergency kit that contains the necessary supplies for medical treatment. The contents of a first aid kit may vary greatly depending on your medical knowledge. If you are a beginner in the field of medicine, the contents of your first aid kit may be minimal. However, if you want to be prepared for any accident or medical emergency, a comprehensive kit is essential. Listed below are some tips to keep in mind when preparing a first aid kit.

A first aid kit contains many bandages, pads, and rolls. It should also have antiseptic wipes, ointments, and tapes. It should also contain a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, and an airway kit. The contents of a First Aid Kit should cover the basics, including basic treatments for skin ailments. Besides bandages, a first aid kit should also contain an oxygen mask, a compass, and a flashlight.

A first aid kit can be assembled into virtually any container. A first aid kit can be commercially produced or can be assembled by an individual. Commercially produced kits are commonly in hard-cover plastic boxes, fabric pouches, or wall-mounted cabinets. While these kits vary in size and content, they should always be kept in a water-proof container. Checking the contents regularly is crucial and restocking will be easier.

Your first aid kit can also include instructions for specific types of emergencies. If you are diabetic, it is important to have supplies for your type of blood sugar. If you are a diabetic, you can include information about your diabetes and emergency numbers. You should always keep a first aid kit in your vehicle or in your home. The kit should be easily accessible, so you do not have to scramble to get to the nearest clinic.

While a first aid kit is an essential item for every home, the contents can also vary depending on your needs and circumstances. Some kits contain a complete first aid kit while others only include a few essential items. If you are a professional in an area of medicine, you may wish to purchase a more comprehensive kit. It will be a valuable asset for your job and your family. When you are outdoors, a First Aid Kit can help you save a life or prevent a life-threatening situation.

A first aid kit should include medical supplies, such as anti-itch creams and burn relief gels. If you are a beginner, you might not need a full-fledged disaster preparedness kit, but you should always have a basic one. Remember, though, that a first aid kit is not a replacement for medical attention, and you should always seek medical attention if you feel you need to. If you are traveling by car, you should also have a kit for your mobile home.

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Hi and welcome back to Uh my video um this is actually um our Um our fifth Uh top essential wilderness survival Items so for our fifth one that is first Aid supplies so first aid kit um Be prepared for emergencies by packing First aid supplies With you and start with a pre-made kit And modify it to your trip and your Medical needs So Um i’m gonna show you five websites Where you can buy Your first eight kits and This is um i’m going to show you one by One All right so we have it says you’re more Than 25 years already which is great and As you can see here there is a lot Of Medkit or first aid supplies that you Can actually choose from and it says Here When you reach a hundred dollars um Basically a hundred dollars worth of um Order you will get free shipping so if You Directly go here you will see free Shipping meaning it’s 100 and above and If you want Um uh Less than a hundred dollars you can just

Go ahead and click on here as you can See here this is the best seller it says Here bulk first aid kit Refill 73 pieces uh for good for 25 persons and Um it says here refill but actually can Act um you can buy this as well without The First aid kit box If you have like a A bag wherein you want to put this then That’s okay um it will cost you 19 Only and if you click on this one you Will see Um the products or the supplies that is Inside of this um Of this uh kit so let me just go ahead And refresh that one All right so as you can see here here Are the details So it’s it actually includes um urgent First aid 52 52 page caller first aid Guidebook that’s good One instant called compress for ice pack One Eyewash single use One burn dressing two of gauze pad three By three Uh one of ipads with tape four each Two of disposable vinyl gloves vicious Pair uh one of antiseptic bzk wipes that Is 10 each One of triple antibiotic 0.5 grams 10 Each

10 of burn gel 0.9 grams One of plastic bandage strips 1 by 3 16 Each And so on as you can see here are the Inclusion of your first aid kit here and It says your kit dimension six by nine By nine Uh kit pieces uh kit Pieces are 73 is 73 person good for 10 To 25 and ansi first aid kit class A So If you want to add more you can actually Click on some of the items here if you Want to um have an additional but Because again the first a trip is based On your needs and um Based on your trip so if you are more Into camping And you should have at least uh a kit Wherein Uh there’s a possibility if you burn Your fingers Because you wanted to try to light a Fire and then you should have like a Burning kit a burn kit like a gel and Also a gauze And antibiotics and so forth and also it It is also Um Should be based on your medical needs so If you have like um If you have some medical conditions Then you should have your medications

There as well and also if you have the Tendency to Um have some If you have a very Um Sensitive stomach then at least you Should have like a medicine for it to be Just you know just to be ready And that is that is what um first aid Kit is for So yeah so this is actually The Um a refill so again it’s it still Depends on what you want If you want this and you don’t need a Bag go for it but if you want like a bag Here like for example two shelf Industrial and a n s i b plus first aid Station with door pockets let’s click on That one so this is Um 113 As you can see here this is what it Looks like so it’s a little bit Organized and you know where to put it You know where to actually get the uh The The product or the First aid kit inclusion And Here are the details additional Information There refills and parts so you can just Go ahead and click on it if you want to Add more

So um yeah So here are the inclusion of it one First eight booklet one tri-cut adhesive Tape 50 antiseptic wipes One tweezer 20 assorted woven bandages Knuckle fingertip patch and strips two Triangular bandage 40 by 40 By 56 bag One eye wash 10 alcohol wipes 100 Aspirin tablets this is a must For me just in case you are in pain or Whatever you need this And So on there’s a lot like here burn spray You kind of need this if you’re in a Camping um Trip And so yeah this is actually again It’s actually um Customizable You know the the first aid Kit again it depends on your trip and on Your medical needs so this one This is great because it says here if You buy three for 110.74 each and save 49 So this is actually Great if you wanted like a like A complete first aid kit a little bit of Complete like that And There you go just scroll Scroll down if you want to Add additional items just click on them

And so on And yeah that is for the first aid Product dot com so it’s pretty much First aid Um Choices here A lot of choices actually Also i found here um like this one this Is a waterproof so this is perfect if You go Shipping So sorry not shipping if you go fishing If you’re in a Basically if you Go tripping uh in the sea and um This is actually The best one because it’s waterproof uh You won’t be alarmed if it gets wet And you you are sure that what’s inside Of it is safe so this is pretty much Cool again it depends on your trip And what else yeah So you can see there’s a lot here 44 dollars 39 Just click on each of this and you will Find what’s best Suits your trip or Your medical needs So yeah that is for the first aid Product so let’s go ahead with the e First eight supplies so as you can see Here high quality bags probably made in The u.s There’s also like a sports first aid

Kits Um beat the heat and emergency heat Stress which is important as well And a military military grade first aid So Also they have like um Personalized uh First aid kit here it says your logo Here So if you wanted to start a business With a first aid kit this is This is good all right Okay so as you can see here here are the Featured categories like the first aid Kits Cloth first aid kit plastic first aid Kits sports first aid kits kits under Ten dollars And we have the professional first aid Kits here The a ansi compliant kits first Responder kits first aid cabinets and Ems bags We have the sports medicine like the Athletic tape bandages cold packs gauze Dressings and for the medical supplies We have antiseptic spray cpr mix and Shields medical gloves and diagnostic Equipment also there’s a lot of featured Products here Like to stop the bleed kit Anti-microbial vanilla gloves Face mask Thermometer

What else Um dynarex non-toxic instant cold pack So there’s a lot of this and it says Here you can also custom kidding Services so choose your case supplies And design which is great because again Like what i’ve said earlier First aid kit is actually based on your Trip and your medical needs so you can Go ahead and click on this one and if You want just go ahead and Create your own kidding services All right so this is about filter Products First aid supplies Sports team first aid Yeah So Again If you want something Um Like very simple kits under ten dollars Click on that one and you will see the Personal first aid kit here this is Actually the basic first aid kit like a Bandage Uh And cleaning Kit you know It’s really simple And like for example if you’re like you Know that you’re not going to use this i Don’t know but again it’s best if you Are ready so yeah so you can see here

It’s below 10 So just click on each one and you will See what’s um the inclusion of it so it Says Sorry It says here like 10 plastic bandages Three gauze pads um two by two four Alcohol wipes two triple antibiotic Ointment packets Two sting relief towelettes two Antimicrobial hand wipes one tape um 2.5 Yards Two butterfly bandages and one cold pack So that is the inclusion of this 5.75 so this is what it looks like so You have like the um If you want the simplest first aid kit They have this they they have it So Like for me i just want to make sure That i’m ready with this with some kind Of injury like for example like a cut or Whatever i think this is the best um Simple personal first aid kit And but then again if you are like a Group and you think that you needed a Bigger Um first aid kit it’s like a big family Or whatnot you can use like the More compliant and more um Should i say complete keep Something like that it’s our first Responder kits let’s click on that one Okay let’s click on small first

Responder kit We shall see what’s Um inside of it again there is a Shipping weight as well so it’s seven Pounds And you can see the material the Dimensions so you wouldn’t know if it Fits your your bag or your car All right so you can see this is the kit Contents which is a lot which is great Because just in case you know you needed This this is more Complete than the five dollar one but Again it’s up to you It’s up to your medical needs All right so this is the fur e first aid Supplies it’s great actually great and Again if you want to add uh different Kinds of items for for the kit you can Also do that All right so next up is the sentry Safety supply so this one um Let’s see here So this This is the description um So perfect use for home job site car Sports field or wherever you need basic First aid and it what our consumer Quality first aid kits feature essential Items for the basic first aid needs and This is 61 piece kit includes the Following And you can see like 15 million Butterfly um closures three antibiotic

Ointment five burn cream ointment two Finger splints Six alcohol prep pads and so on so There’s a lot of pieces here again you Can also add this is a verified payment processing And i can also pay it via paypal Visa and etc And which is good All right so this is for the sentry Safety supply now again if you have any Questions you can call my customer Service and or email them at info Again this is about 16 so again just put On the quantity at the cart or at wish List if you don’t want to buy it yet so There you go Next up we have the first aid um no Global industrial so for the global Industrial there’s a lot of first aid Kit as well All right and You can actually compare it Okay Just like What we had in the first Couple of videos so again Up to four Um Items or products and click compare And we shall see Ah there you go so You can easily see

The prices already And it says you’re free shipping free Shipping free shipping on our own orders 75 and above Same as well here so they’re gonna be Free shipping if it’s like a hundred Dollars and up so the reviews are great So here is the depth uh like for this One this is five and a half Five inches two and a half inches and Two and a half inches the width The um Sorry the height the type Um The Brand is global industrial case material You can see here this is steel steel Plastic metal Description Number of shelves three four this is None Uh manufacturers part numbers This is class bbaa Person count you can see here this is Good for 75 to 100 Person This is 100 to 150 this is good for 25 25. So that is actually How you compare [Music] These key kits and again If you want more You’re more equipped with the first aid

Kit and that so much the better again Depends On you and it says here ships same day Which is great There you go Um All right Let’s go back Okay so again if you want just you know Just a couple of items just go ahead and Click it and then you can go ahead and Um Buy them individually as well All right that is for global industrial Now for the for this one we have the First aid supplies um this is a cost Friendly first aid supplies online And Here Um if you register I can have a 10 discount on your first Order which is great for returning Customers You can sign in here All right And What i like about this is you can choose Your kit here or shop first aid supplies And Like for example if you choose your kit Here if you click on that one You will see here The types of kits that is actually More

Which is who is which one is more Complete or not Um Like for example I think the most This is 90 dollars Okay this one is 25 so this is the Economy team sports first aid kit if you Click on that one you will see Like um you will see the inclusions of The first aid kit and if If it fits you On your trip and on your medical needs Then you can go ahead and buy this one Which is great And let’s see Let’s refresh on that one All right so [Music] You can see here the first aid kit Dimensions which is 10 by 7 By 3.25 Uh also this is a this comes in a water Resistant plastic kit box with a carry Handle And is packed with the quality first aid Products you need to get your team on The field so You can see here the kit contents and You could just see here okay i think This best suits me then you can go ahead And buy This one this is they also have a wallet Size pocket first aid kit let’s click on

That one This is for eight dollars and 49 cents Um again you can see here the first Eight kit contents and Yeah you can go ahead and check on that One if it’s best for you If you want a handy um First aid kit then this is the one All right so Yeah um pretty much Everything of Every every website is like they Provide you A complete Um First aid kit if you want a simple First aid kit or handy first aid kit They also have that in each website so Yeah again it depends on your needs and On your medical Needs so There you go again E-first Aid supplies Sentry safety supply Dot inc Global industrial and first aid supply Supplies online so thank you so much for Your time and i’ll see you on the next Video bye