First-Aid Kit Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

While small bandages and antibacterial ointment are good to have in your first-aid kit, if you’re on a long backpacking trip, it’s vital to carry a triangle bandage and gauze for compression. These items are for serious injuries and can be used with a makeshift splint.

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Hi guys and welcome back to this video So we are going to talk about our second Item to add to your wilderness survival Kit so we are going to talk about first Aid kit so while Small bandages and anti-bacterial Ointment are good to have in your first Aid kit If you’re all if you’re on a Long back packing trip it’s vital to Carry a triangle bandage or gauze for Compression and i’m gonna show you five Websites where we can actually Look for a survival kit that is really Compact and Handy So first i’m going to show you Survive wear so this is survive where we Have As you can see here This is 74 um 95 And it says here um Four interest free payments with of 19. With a firm yeah just click here learn More what i like about this that you can Customize the color of your Um Survival aid kit so there’s like red Black Um Camo and tan So You can be stylish as well

By Buying on in uh Survive where and as you can see here This is what it looks like if you’re Gonna put it in your bags This is you have the idea of how Big it is or It’s also good that you can see that you Can hang it in your backpack it’s handy You can also put it inside Um your bag so there you go It says here 100 money back guarantee Free shipping on orders over 25 Dollars Hassle free you can see or click this One to see product video if you want And then here you have the product Description they have the label Compartments designed for outdoorsman be The hero yes be the hero And free information guideline as you Can see this is what it looks like it Says that it’s highly organized Advanced Mountable system a fateful companion Okay good and what’s inside the kit so These are these are the uh first aid Supplies included in To your survival kit so there’s like a Tweezers emergency blanket whistle Triangular bandage Tape um conforming bandage a lot of um Important Survival kits apply

There’s also like a survival items here Like premium knife multi-tool poncho Signaling mirror wire saw paracord Bracelet and Molle compatible mlle You know And if you scroll down Um you will also see Uh Other Types of a first aid kit so these are The questions and answers like how do i Close the knife in the survival kit just Please see this video copy paste it and You can watch it I got survival Survivor survival how can i refill some Of the items i had used so Click here and you will know how to buy Um so that you can refill it So there’s a lot of questions here if You want just read and So you wouldn’t know if you really Wanted to buy it from here Um Here so that’s the product description Here there is also shipping information So it’s free shipping for all usa orders If you buy 25 Or more so most ua us-based orders are Shipped directly from our warehouse Um your product will arrive within seven To ten business days so you have to Plan ahead if you’re like going

Backpacking you should at least have Some time to buy some uh products online And uh there you go we offer two day Expedited shipping one day prior to Shipping you can see It uh you could see you cart for more Details Okay also there’s like returns Information and it says here we offer a 30 day 100 30 days 100 satisfaction guarantee or Your money back so there you go Also There’s like why buy from us so why Trust survivor just read on that why Choose to survive survival first aid kit Okay and there is also like ratings and Reviews so as you can see here there’s a Five-star review based on 67 reviews And here are The Um Reviews fast shipping great kit bigger Than i expected and packed with so much Great stuff so that as you can see there From Their review you will have an Idea Okay Impressed with the quality and labeling Well If you’re like Really into labels and like if you Really want it to be organized i think

This is a good one And there is the compare kits which i Love because if you click on this one You will see a lot of A lot of Different types of kits that you might Want to compare with the one that you’re Ordering as you can see here You will see the dimension the weight Bag material is it water resistant and Stuff so you can compare all of these by Just looking at one at this one page and See what best suits Your um Specifications or needs And then you’re good to go just click on Add to cart or if you want to buy it now Just go ahead So um yeah so that is reviveware So next up we have Live action safety So you can see here there’s there’s like A start gear auto kit you can see here Rarity is just shake and squeeze And Go let’s see this is what it looks like Light stick and stuff So this is this the description if you Want to click on the video and watch How it looks like that click on this one So there is also like uh first aid Features again the dimension so you have An idea How much space is gonna

You know Cost you in putting it in your bag Um also there’s the items included one Reusable um echo glow stick two pair of Natural gloves four by four gauze pads And so on And also if you scroll down a little bit More you will see more products So it just depends on your needs or Specifications There’s also a warranty information Stock okay videos Let’s see let’s see okay there’s like a Video as well if you want to watch Just go ahead and click on that one Again this is 49.99 And If you want just click add to cart or Proceed with your order And again that is live action safety dot Com Next is e first e first aid supply so This is actually what i say Handy because this one is the compact First aid kit if you saw this this is 8.99 So if you click on that one you will see How it looks like the brand the weight The dimensions so if you really want Like a compact kit this is the one and You see what um what are the products or First aid kits Included And

Um if you have like a medic medical Needs you can put in your medications in There and so that it’s just one handy Compact first aid kit There’s also the description here There’s like similar kits to try if you Want to click on that you will see what It looks like These are the kit supplies list Yeah And customers also bought these yeah So this is what Again Actually first aid kits are like Personalized it depends um what are your Needs okay they can actually put in take Out some stuff but again it’s important That if you have like a medical need you Have to make sure that you have like Your medications in it so it’s really Important and bring it with you all the Time So this is 8.99 so this is very compact And if you really want this Click on this one add to cart and Proceed with your orders All right next one is um as you can see here there’s A lot of different kinds of first aid Kits there’s also med packs so what are Med packs so it’s like good for airway Cpr it’s like if you have like allergies If you’re having like a headache Opposite stomach

Like that and for like bleed stopper Cuts and scrapes which is really Important in a first first aid kit this Is very really Um Really important to have one So yeah All right and as you can see here There’s a lot of Um First aid kits and med packs so again it Depends On your Needs As you can see here construction medic Mini everyday carry So this is like 63 63 71 like that so For example if we click on This one the solo So click on that one and they have 35 Percent off which is great Let’s see here There’s also like you can customize the Color Orange Green Coyote Like that you can see the description Click on this one to see what’s inside The guide for the contents just hover Your um Your mouse and you can actually see it In details The details of

The kit here this is this is what it Looks like This is what it looks like when you hang It in your backpack And This is What it looks like real pretty much yep And you can see the specs and the Details if you scroll Down you can see the product walkthrough And the product overview so just click On watch video and you will see the Details All right And you can see here um like the Categories if you want some bleed uh Categories the burn the medication Support and outdoor topical airway so Again it depends on your needs and Specifications So there you go that is And lastly we have the survival first Aid kits Here this is in euros by the way Um just Hover your mouse here and you can see it Here as well there is like the Triangular bandage emergency blanket and So on so this is what it looks like you Can see here it’s 56.69 euros And just scroll down you have the Description the kit dimensions and the Components

Just click view more here you will see Emergency blanket Responsition shield disposable Including one pair of gloves and one Skin cleaning wipe Um two safety pins And so on As you can see here uh this is the Review Uh it says here this is the only first Aid kit you will ever need family kit Quality is great and well labeled so This is really good the paint there is Also payment and security here There And just scroll down and you may also Like some of the products below So Yeah so again we have survival first aid Kit We have We have And so Thanks guys for watching and please see Me in the next video