Fire Starters | Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Fire Starters | Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | Part 6 of our Top 10 Essential Wilderness Survival Items Series

Fire can be an emergency signal, a heat source for cooking, and keep you warm. Pack matches (preferably waterproof) and fire starters to be prepared for anything.

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A fire starter is a useful item in any emergency situation. While wet weather can dampen outdoor activities, a campfire can save the day. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, choose a lighter that comes with a refillable flint striker. It will ensure that you can always light the fire and keep your camping trip going. The following are some of the most popular fire starters on the market today.

Cotton String Fire Starter – This fire starter can be made from cotton string. You can dip a cotton string in petroleum jelly and allow it to dry on a sheet of paper or baking tray. Once the string is dry, cut it into shorter lengths. Then, roll the strings in the wax to get a strong flame. A pair of tongs or tweezers can then be used to pull the strings out of the wax.

Cotton Ball Fire Starter – If you are camping in the mountains, you can make a cotton fire starter by coating cotton balls with Vaseline. This will make them waterproof. These fire starters are easy to carry and can be kept in a small container. Alternatively, you can buy a small bottle of petroleum jelly from your local pharmacy. This way, you won’t have to worry about storing the dried cotton balls in your pack.

Candle Wax – You can use cotton balls as a fire starter if you’re camping in the woods. A cotton ball can be made from shredded paper or sawdust. It’s water-resistant and can be stored easily in your pocket. You can also use petroleum jelly or melted candle wax to create high-powered DIY fire starters. Another good way to create high-powered fire starters is to cut up a piece of wax or a strip of paper. If you’re going to use the swab for this purpose, you can make a few of them in an ice cube tray.

In case of severe weather conditions, a fire starter made of orange peel can be a very effective way to start a campfire. The orange peel will burn up easily and gives off a sweet aroma when burned. If you’re out on a camping trip, use an orange peel to light a fire. If you’re camping in a remote area, it is advisable to bring some flammable liquids.

A fire starter can also be a strike anywhere match. It’s a great option when you’re out in the wilderness and are unable to access an outside source. All you need to do is wrap a strike anywhere match with toilet paper, but don’t cover the head. Then, dip the match head into melted wax, and it will start burning. Then, it will dry and you can use it wherever you like.

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Hi and welcome back to Another video so we are talking about Our Our sixth uh top essential wilderness Revival items so here We have fire starters so This is actually matches lighter and Fire starters so um fire can be An emergency signal also a heat source For cooking and keep you warm so pack Matches preferably waterproof and fire Starters So i’m gonna show you Five websites where you can buy Um fire starters so we have here is the Black beard and firestarter as you can See here These are their products so you can see Here there’s a fire starter pirates Plunder Captain’s loot kit um three pack special Blackbeard’s ferro rod Lighter Captains organizer They will also have t-shirts And Storm proof matches and A winter bundle Which is great so let’s go ahead with The blackbeard firestarter this is from 11.95 So let’s click on that one it says here It’s the top rated And we shall see what is the blackbeard

Firestarter All right So it’s a little bit slow All right so here Is what it looks like If you click on that one This is what the packaging looks like And there you go So here are the details you can actually Watch this and learn more about the Blackbeard firestarter Okay It says here it’s windproof waterproof Made in usa with usa materials Infinite shell life which is great Non-toxic Odorless easy to use handmade four hours Of burn time this is eco-friendly um 50 Plus fires from one stick Lightweight so this is about six to five Grams Um cut what you need to save the rest And discount discounted shipping rates This is actually great um information With regards to the blackbeard Firestarter So It says here one of the best features of Our blackbeard firestarters is that they Do not have an expiration date opened or Unopened which is great for Us because if we need to survive Somewhere we don’t know how long we’re Going to be there so

Having this is A must because we don’t know how long We’re going to be Stuck in that situation but again There’s no expiration date open or Unopened great So there is also directions for you so You just cut off the desired amount Basically roll fibers in hands separate The fibers and bunch into a ball or nest Use your ferro rod or a lighter electric Arc lighter or preferred fire starting Device to ignite and then enjoy your Warm fire So ferro rod knife and wood stump not Included in this purchase all right so There’s also a warning here that the Combustion of wood charcoal and other Fuels can expose you to chemicals Including carbon monoxide and suit so Which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth Defects or other reproductive harm For for more information you can just Close go and click on this one and just Read more about it so the reviews five Star for 65 reviews so for the Shipping oh where is it Every order ships next day so all orders Over forty dollars shipped for free with Discount code free so we ship um from Their warehouse in salt lake city utah And the shipping rates are calculated at Checkout based on weight and location

They do not Tack on Any additional fees or build handling Costs into their products which is great So as you can see here it’s like if you Have a lighter already then just have The blackberry firestarter because Actually It’s great i mean it’s Um not it doesn’t expire at all Right and yes if you have any questions Just email them or call them at this Number All right so next i’m going to show you More of their products here And it says here So they do have Um a blackberry arc later Okay and the black bears um ferro rod Click on that one And as you can see here There you go it’s gonna let you ignite This into a fire and also there’s a Details and explanation Uh how to use um your ferro rod So as you can see here there’s a length Of rod of five Five inches am uh five inches diameter In half Extra large super thick um Half inches in diameter throws a massive Shower of hot sparks to light fire Instantly in any conditions and this is Good up good for up to 20 000 strikes so

That’s a lot and what i like about this Is that it’s windproof and weather Resistant so any Um weather is good and again windproof So almost six feet off power cord Attached to rod And perfect emergency fire starter for Bushcraft hiking hunting fishing camping Edc emergency barbecue gas camp stoves Etc and the reviews 5 stars again And Again if you don’t want to buy them Individually they do have like a Captain’s Um captain’s uh loot kit Or the pirates plunder this is for 74.95 We just click on that one and this is What Um is included in this one so Four blackbeard fire starters That’s 48 dollars um value uh one fire Kit organizer Okay you see here this is what it looks Like Um one black beard ferro rod this one Oh sorry rod where is it this one This is the rod And one black beard velcro velcro patch This one And One plasma arc lighter which is great so This is a total of 126 dollars so if you Will buy it today it’s going to be 74.95 And that is a lot of

You know this one is a lot of money and It you save it like almost half almost And This is pretty much a great bundle And you can also choose from single two Pack special uh that’s additional 21 Percent off but if you buy the three Pack special that is additional 25 Off and as you can see here this is the Payment Uh Protected payments that you can actually Use there you go And um Again you can see here that it’s Waterproof windproof 300 plus ignites And on a single charge Dual arc beam for more heat and ready to Use right out of the box And Just read on this there’s a lot of Information and um it’s really great This is like actually like a complete Um Fire starter tool And um so there’s A lot of um kits for the blackbeard Firestarter All right next up is the firestarters Uh this is the oh sorry Uberlit uberlaben uberlayman okay Correct me if i’m wrong but i think this Is uber laban and for this one what i Like about this is

It’s it’s a A new company i think this was a stop Established around 2016 And this is what it looks like so There’s like a Zonden uh firestarter three sizes Available this is what it looks like Um This one as well this is like two sizes Available And we have like a starter neck lanyard This is also great this is 14 Um and it’s like it’s like a lanyard so You can Carry pretty much You can carry it pretty much everywhere Just put it in your neck so it’s really Really useful There’s like also a wick And a refill pack And fire kit 2.0 so let’s click on the Fire kit 2.0 so this is around 20 29 And let’s see what this includes all Right so All right so you can see here that There’s a hexa3 fire starter there is a Tinder teepee or the baltic birch Kindling this is a three minute burn a Tinder wick sorry Tinder wick and bella a bellow extra Caro dry wick aluminum slider box ranger Band The edp edpm rubber weight only five Ounces and dimensions approximately 3.7

Liters by 2.3 with Length sorry length and 2.3 width and a 0.9 uh dimension As you can see it looks like this So This is super cool because this is Offered a limited run For these uh last holiday season and This is pretty much a good deal And it says here okay that that is the Fire kit 2.0 and um Let’s Go to this one So this is um 16 So it’s the uber laben zonden Fire starter three sizes available you Can see here Um Timeless as fire All right and nothing feels better than Natural wood Great and as you can see here there’s um A molten spark showers at 5500 Fahrenheit to ignite a fire in any Weather even when wet and at any Altitude from our sun car Pharaoh And there’s the land and the way And pretty much um that’s It you can see you can also um Search in youtube on how to use The zendan um uh uberlaben zendin And uh Pretty much

It’s Super cool and there they also have like A flat pack stove and wax canvas here Which is great for cooking And you know heating um apparatus And you can see here it’s all five stars 464 reviews all of them are so happy With it well i bought this To a haven case i need this type of fire Starter and i have to tell you it works Great i would recommend this to anyone Needing something like this so which is Great for com Camp um Campers And um some other Uh activities like Hiking and Yeah so this is cool i mean it’s pretty Much And anything everything that you need For a Firestarter kit So again it pretty much depends on how Or Whatever you want to use it but this one Is cool because you can see that there’s Already like This one and then you have that to Ignite a fire but again if you want the Complete set there’s a fire kit 2.0 All right so that is for the uber laben Next up is the caser wilderness supply They do have here the emergency fire

Starting magnesium Eight bags 99 pure camping hiking Bushcraft and the list price is 13 And Their price is 10.69 Which is great they also have like a Vintage style tin container hand Packed in the usa team container full Mary jane and the matches wooden fire Starters in tin containers this one is 948 this is 947 and this is 10.69 so Let’s click on this one So There you go this is what it looks like Um it says here that’s 168 wooden Matches never worry about having three On a match again cans are made from Reusable tin plated steel tin fits into Shirt pocket And wooden matches are 12 A 2 to 15 16 inches long And Yeah so they they also have like a Waterproof wooden mattress Um red wolf camping survival emergency Gear just click on that one If you need like a tin of fat wood Tender magnesium they also have that one Here so pretty much uh this is more on A Matches They they have more like matches here And that is the case or wilderness Supply and let’s go for hinge korea

All right so for him to korea there’s Like a fire pack here It says here campfire and barbecue are The highlights in camping However kindling a fire with a cold Briquettes may involve much heavy metals And carbon monoxide so what i love about This one is that Again This is their instruction Okay kindle fire edge of fire pack the Ladder or a match 40 to 50 seconds put Charcoal briquette firewood on the fire Put a grill or grill in the charcoal so This is actually the instructions so What i like About this product is that it’s um Eco-friendly So because Why is it eco-friendly because it is you Um basically a natural material called Jute And it’s coated with a paraffin and Stearin made by extracting natural Coconut oil Is added to reduce substances that are Harmful to human body Fire pack is used is safe to use in Harmful substances such as cadmium and Lead are not detected before and after Combustion so enjoy camping safely with A fire starter made of natural material So Again this is what i love about um

Hinge korea is that it’s made out of a Natural material with a minimum Minimum emission of harmful substances So this is the natural material jute the Paraffin and the steering made of the Natural coconut extract And here is the product name Manufacturing country which is korea And again Compare for better choice carbon Monoxide nitrogen monoxide and Particulate matter Nox is a generic term for nitrogen Oxides and it refers to both nitrogen Monoxide and nitrogen dioxide Complicated but yeah again if you are More into Um Natural material I guess uh hinge korea is a better um Better Better one All right and you can also get them from Amazon ebay and shopify here all right Next up is here which is granger so just Click on uh fire starters and it will Show you this one and So you can see here there’s a lot of Uh tools here wait a minute There’s a fire starters here Okay so basically It’s not here why is it not here Wait a minute i’ll get back to you All right thank you so much for waiting

I click on the wrong side but here is Again the race shop They’re pretty much complete so we have Here the gerber bear grylls survival Series fire starter Unfortunately this is this product is Not available but as you can see here There is like a feature here It features a ferro cerium rod and metal Striker to create hot sparks this is Also waterproof storage compartment Uh can be used to hold tinder or sold Separately and there is also like Different kinds of um fire starter here Like the fire light fire starting kit And dry bag The mag strike fire starter and the Strikeforce fire starting tool so Um I mean You can just click on that one and learn More about the product what what is Included in this one So yeah And There you go this is the features best Use like backpacking dimensions and Weight are also included here And so on there’s also like Other stuffs here that needs for the Fire starter kit so Yeah basically you can just go ahead and Search it the fire starter here and you Will see a lot of products

That can be used to start a fire for Your camping or backpacking And yeah so that’s pretty much it again Ray shop Hinge korea Caser wilderness supply Uber laban and Uh blackbeard firestarter so thank you So much for your time and see you on the Next video bye