Fire Starter Tactics, Tips & Tools For Survival | 10 ITEMS TO ADD TO YOUR WILDERNESS SURVIVAL KIT

In order to survive cold temperatures, you need to be able to start a fire. Packing a few different types of fire starter in waterproof bags is advised. You can pack matches, a lighter, a striker, and dry tinder. If one method fails, you will be prepared with another one. Our friends at Primus make a great all weather option in the Ignition Steel. Another good addition in this capacity is a small folding saw to gather more tinder.

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Hi guys and welcome back to this video So we will be talking our fourth Item that you want to add to your Wilderness survival kit So the fourth uh one is fire starter So in order to survive cold temperatures You need to be able to start a fire so Packing a few different types of fire Starter in waterproof bags is advised so You can pack matches a lighter a striker And a dry tender so if one method fails You will be prepared with another one So I’m gonna show you five websites where You can actually Buy A fire starter so let’s start with Um wolf and so we have a Fire set here this is 22.95 As you can see here this is what it Looks like Okay And if you click this one this is the Specification so the weight The life span and the spark temperature As you can see here it’s approximately 20 000 strikes Good and spark temperature up to 5400 degrees fahrenheit So the materials the rod is made from 100 percent furoserium One of the most efficient and Sustainable fire starting materials out There and the striker is made from

Premium knife-grade steel and the custom Paracord is made from durable nylon and Houses a string of dried uh jute tinder Within it So there is also the uh warranty and Returns so this is a three-year Post-fire guarantee that means will they Will replace any part that isn’t Functioning properly properly within Your first year of reasonable Use easy exchanges and returns If you scroll down you will see how it Will how it is used so it is easy to use Get consistent sparks no harsh chemicals Required Scratch the black paint off the ferro Rod okay So as you can see this is long lasting Bug out bag essential And So on paracord and emergency there you Go There is also the customer reviews this Is 4.9 out of 5 star reviews it says Here this is the best fire starter i’ve Purchased the blade is solid and is long Enough to generate a good spark that Will light up a bit of drier lint with Ease Sensor i couldn’t resist buying this Okay that’s cool So you can see uh it’s a good fire Starter it’s handy it’s it’s lightweight And you can easily bring it with you so

It’s again 22.95 Okay Okay read about your holiday policies This is important All right next up is green workshop um Dot com This is their fire starting kit it is 9.95 Um Oh only three left okay If you click it this is what it looks Like You can see the description here this is A pocket-sized fire starter kit And you can see uh it is spartan fire Tinder cards um five Times five green fire starting card Still carrying Relatable products below And you can see also the shipping Details Will usually ship within one business Day good And if you want to see the delivery and Returns this is This is what it says please allow 10 Days For your order to arrive okay Returns are easy Simply contact us for a return number And send your item to our return center For fast Processing And also if you want to click here this

Is why buy from us There you go And the reviews well they have no Reviews yet but yeah so this is green Workshop Again for 9.95 Next up we have they have um Fire starting gear here they have 35 Products Um you can see here the uco titan storm Fruit match kit they have the zippo Uh lightning nugget And so on and just click on Whatever item that is best suits you And oh here is the titan storm fruit uh Storm proof matches Which is nine dollars and at five cents What i like about again you can Click up to Four Um items In order for you to compare just click On compare and in just one page you will See the comparison of the four products Again This is more onto you know If you really wanted to know more about The product And again what is uh more compatible to You Okay All right And next up is yuko gear uco

This is a sweet fire strikable fire Starter seven minutes burn time And as you can see here this is what it Looks like Like that It looks like a toblerone for me Again this is 6.49 Excluding tax so they are Still in stock And if you scroll down you will see the Details And it is made from a sugar cane by Product called Baggage or because okay i’m not sure um This key ingredient is already used Around the world as a renewable biofuel Biofuel so this is really cool at cool Um this uh there are 20 per box Which is great and the burn time is Seven minutes Um okay Just click on this video if you want to Learn more about it on how to use it Also the features are here Um product specifications the weight the Package dimensions Burn time And Performance tips There you go safety tips is also Important good thing that they have it Here and they also have um Other products here

There you go Again this is 6.40 Cents All right next up we have Here the zippo So here We have Different types of products of Fire starters for zippo we have the fire Starter com combo kit for only 19.95 Excuse me they have the thai food Matches for 9.95 If you want the Um More compact and lightweight you can Just buy typhoon matches Um they also have that solid fuel fire Starter for seven dollars and ninety Five cents Um They have the mag strike for 16.95 And Um they also have the typhoon match kit I think this is More In terms of this one Yeah And this is for 14.95 They also have a easy spark tenders Which is great And if ever you need some replacement Blade they have it here but currently Out of stock And so on so

If you click on this one for example the Fire starter combo kit You will see the description The features like the mic strike Um Frozen rod corrosion resistant rod Coating triangular shape with textured Grip Tinder Five Two inches natural shredded pine tinder Shreds burns up to eight minutes each Also the tinder is water resistant which Is really great so just in case it rains In somewhere Um it won’t it will still light um In your It will still light Bellows collapsible stainless steel Bellows comes with two with lanyard um Whole Okay so this is what it looks like There you go and the benefits is also Listed here like hard blade with Precision cut edge delivers maximum Spark shower Protects striker blade and magnesium rod From the elements extended rod length Provides controlled striking and spark Accuracy Lights quick and easily to get a fire Started in seconds and provides water Resistance and increased Burn time which is really important

So fire starter combo kit specs that This is the height the width the depth The weight and the warranty is two years So which is great If you scroll down you’ll see More of the products So yeah again for the fire starter we Have the and so hope to see you on The next video and thanks for watching