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Find Out How to Cure erectile dysfunction In 2 Days.2018

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Find Out How to Cure erectile dysfunction In 2 Days.2018

A bad sexual experience can frighten a man for another sexual encounter. Fear of failure in bed
is lurking. But with these 13 tips you can overcome that fear.
Many people suffer from anxiety at a sexual level at some point in their lives. In our
contemporary society we often set unrealistic expectations about sex, what sex should be and
what we should do during sex. Many men have the idea that they should perform sexually just
like many a porn star. Men, stop making that comparison. Just like the idea that women judge
you and laugh at your sex performances. Treat a woman, also in bed, with respect and she will
do exactly the same with you.
Sexual anxiety or fear of failure often comes from one of these three ‘disorders’. The premature
ejaculation (premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction (the inability to get or retain an erection)
and delayed ejaculation (unable to get ready during penetration). The crying disorders can be
misleading because there is not so often a physical cause at the root, but much more often a
psychic or emotional one.

13 ways to overcome sexual fear of failure and regain your self-confidence.
The best and finest way to overcome your sexual fears and ‘disorders’ is to do this with a
permanent (bed) partner. Take the time, stop judging yourself and use the tips below. You will
see that your self-confidence increases and your sex life improves.


Keeping your fears and insecurities to yourself will not make it better. In fact, it will only worsen. If
you have sex you will have to trust her. She will have more understanding for you and your
situation than you think beforehand. Talking about it is the only way to overcome your fear of

-Use Supplements.

The same vasodilator properties of nitric oxide produced by arginine can help to get and keep an
erection. It is also used in so-called erectile dysfunction (or in the American vernacular: Limp
Dick Syndrome). The blood flow of the penis’s body is in fact improved in the same way. Now we
all know the well-known blue pill. Arginine is not, however, a chemical and synthetic, but natural
product. Unlike the blue pill, it does not work immediately, but after a few days of
supplementation. It therefore offers no solution if, after a “dry period”, you suddenly come across the woman of your dreams and have the opportunity to give the evening a nice ending while you
“have some problems down there”. However, the advantage over the blue boyfriend is that it is
cheaper and does not produce any side effects in the right quantities.

In addition to the contribution to (muscle) growth, endurance, fat burning and performance in
bed, arginine also provides :

– Protecting the liver and making harmful substances harmless
– Improvement of the quality of seed in men with ‘weak seed’
– The inhibition and / or prevention of growth of different tumors
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-Take the time.
Taking things easy is the key to overcome your fear of failure. Enjoy what you are doing, make
sure you have a long forecast. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, let her satisfy you for
short periods orally but give a stop signal on time so that there is another ‘way back’ If you have
trouble getting or keeping an erection, stop thinking that you must have a stiff all the time.
Your tongue is still working? Pleasure and please her and see if there are ways in which you can
make an erection with you and have a nice cumshot. Not coming is not the end of the world. So,
do not blame yourself if this does not happen every time.

-Focus on fun.

Put all your energy into pleasing each other but stop thinking and doing in fixed boxes and
patterns. Be creative! You know better than they do what works for you and what does not. Try to
masturbate simultaneously and while you are watching each other, for example. There is a good
chance that you will suddenly no longer suffer from your sexual anxiety by doing things

-Do it yourself.

Premature coming may be solved via masturbation. During masturbation you can practice
stopping in time. Only, with the help of a bit of lubricant or massage oil, you bring yourself to the
climax, but you stop before that. Do it again and come a bit closer and then even closer. You will
learn to feel better when the ‘point of no return’ presents itself. So, you can learn to postpone
orgasm. Free yourself with your partner, ask her to do the same. First by hand, then orally.

-Use a cock ring.

A cock ring fits tightly around the base of the penis shaft. If you put these around while you have
an erection, the cock ring will ensure that the blood that has flowed into the penis remains. So,
you can easily keep a stiff. The use of a cock ring can improve the orgasm. Some even have a
little extra to massage her clitoris during sex and in others it evevibrates. It is a great sex toy for
all couples, with or without sexual problems.
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