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EZ Mount Window Bed™ & Pods

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EZ Mount Window Bed™ & Pods


EZ Mount Window Bed™ & Pods
The perfect feline “entertainment center”


Transcript: Our cat, Jezebel’s favorite spot in the house is a window. She’s constantly on the window sill surveying, policing, and protecting our house from her precarious, uncomfortable perch. Not any more. The Easy Mount line of beds and window pods have changed Jezebel’s window sill guard duty into a relaxing, snoozing, sun-soaking, neighbor watching, dog peering, bird staring vacation paradise. The sturdy suction cup design holds more weight than your cat can put on it, and is easily movable from window to window. To install, simply clean your window with glass cleaner, position the window bed or pod, and press each suction cup firmly, done. It can’t be simpler. And Jezebel couldn’t be any happier. Get your K&H Easy Mount Window Bed, Window Pod, or Window Bubble Pod today. Your cat will love you for it.
Attaches to virtually any window in seconds!
* Utilizes our proven suction cup mounting system
* Multiple options to choose from:
– totally open top
– complete pod
– complete pod with bubble window
* Includes a FREE K&H Amazin’ Kitty Pad™
* 1 year limited warranty

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