EZ Mount Window Bed by K&H Pet Products Review from a Cat!


EZ Mount Window Bed by K&H Pet Products Review from a Cat’s POV.

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Watch my review of my absolute favorite thing: My Pod!!! (Technically, it’s called a window seat, but pod sounds cooler!) When Mom first got this for me, I was a little scared to get in it, but now, I spend several hours a day in my pod. I love this cat bed!

It attaches to the window with suction cups. Mom wasn’t sure if they’d hold, but it’s been two years and they haven’t budged! Here’s a tip: if the bed feels too narrow, push the sides in before sticking it to the window, and it’ll add some room. It does stretch out over time, but it still holds its shape really well, and it’ll only get more comfortable! It comes in green or brown, and it also has a little fleece pad that you can take out if you want. I like it though!

As you can see in the video, it’s perfect for napping and bird-watching. There’s a radiator right under the window, so it’s extra cozy for me in the winter. Every cat needs one!

Do you have one of these? What do you think? Do you want one? Questions? Let me know in the comments!

More cat product reviews in the future!

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