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We have observed an obvious need for a new, unique product to aid in moving mattresses (beds) in hospitals and nursing homes. We’ve designed an all new type of carrier for mattresses that we believe will handily meet this need. Also, the use of our EZCarryBed handle will likely cut employers’ workman’s compensation claims. In 2009, workers comp claims averaged over $19,000 for falling, wrist and back injuries in Nursing Homes as well as Hospitals. And recently, chronic back pain was reported by 52% of nurses.

“The device is a huge time saver and will make the tedious, cumbersome task of carrying mattresses to and from patients rooms much more bearable…The EZCarryBed would definitely be an asset to any hospital, nursing home, or assisted living center. It saves valuable time and most importantly saves our backs!”

– Alez Zokoe, LPN, Charge Nurse, Porter Hills Village

Nurses and aides struggled when they had to move mattresses (beds) by themselves, because there are rarely others available to help. Even if there were two people, there was a “rubber-band effect” where the lead person would walk quicker than the other helper. The lead would then slow or stop quickly for an obstruction, such as a person exiting a room, only to still be pushed from the back by their coworker and potentially creating an accident.

They struggled, tripped and fell while doing this either alone or with two people. Less serious, but still painful injuries also were several instances of painfully torn fingernails while struggling to carry a mattress.

Some institutions use a cart of one kind or other, but they are bulky and very noisy while rolling down supposedly quiet halls. ANY noise unnecessarily upsets an already nervous patient or resident. They truly deserve a quiet place of rest and recuperation.

EZCarryBed is a much safer and quiet method of transferring mattresses than wrestling with one.

EZCarryBed is simply designed to be ergonomically better for the user. It weighs about 2 lbs. and one person can use this with much less effort, while avoiding the “rubber band effect” too. Also, the rounded end helps eliminate being tripped while using it. This is far better method than current practices and can used by both right and left-handed users.

There are well over 6000 Hospitals and 16,000 Nursing Homes in the U.S. This is a total of 3.2 million beds (and growing quickly in numbers) that have various styles of mattresses which are being moved to fit specific patient needs. EZCarryBed handle should appeal to hospitals and nursing homes to aid employees who must move and transport large, awkward mattresses.

We have an Ergonomics & Human Factor expert onboard. He feels ezcarrybeds’ a very practical use which will reduce strains, sprains and falls.

EZCarryBed Mattress Carrier…

It solves real problems and makes people’s lives safer.

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