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Express Scribe Transcription Software Tutorial | Templates

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Express Scribe Transcription Software Tutorial | Templates

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This Express Scribe tutorial will show you how to use and create template documents within the transcription software.
Download Express Scribe to get started: www.nch.com.au/scribe/index.html

View more Express Scribe Transcription tutorials: www.nch.com.au/scribe/tutorial/

Click on the word processing button to open a new transcription document that is linked to your selected dictation. Your word processor will open with the default template displayed. Any changes made to this document will be linked to your dictation in Express Scribe.
For more information on creating your own template in Express Scribe, continue listening.
If you have content and formatting requirements that you use frequently with your transcriptions, you can save time by creating a template for use with Express Scribe. First, open your word processing program and create the template. Use the sample template provided with Express Scribe as an example. Once your template is ready, save the file to your computer.
Open Express Scribe and click on the Options button. Navigate to the Other tab. Make sure that the Use a word processor document based on this file checkbox is selected. Click Add to open the file browser. Navigate to your file, select it and click Open. Select your file in the list and click ‘Set to default’. You can have many templates, but only one default template. To remove a file from the list, select it, then click the Remove button. Click OK to save your changes and close the Options dialog.
Load a dictation file, select it in the list and click the Word Processing button or use the shortcut Ctrl + U to open your default template. Your template will open. In Express Scribe, you will see an attachment icon added to your dictation name. This indicates that the new file is linked to this dictation. Use the play controls or your foot pedal and enter your transcription in the word processing file. Save and close it as normal. It will be given a unique file name and will not overwrite your template.
If you have multiple templates, click on the arrow next to the word processing button and select the correct template from the list.
If you want to edit a transcription, right-click on the dictation and select Open Attachment List. Double-click on the file or click the Open button to open it for editing.

For more Express Scribe tutorials, visit www.nch.com.au/scribe/tutorial/

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