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Excellent Rent to Own Program in Georgia

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Excellent Rent to Own Program in Georgia

REQUIREMENTS: customers must have the following: at least $2,500/ month salary, 2% of the home price, a FICO credit score of 550 or above, not have declared or been discharged from bankruptcy or foreclosure within the last 12 months, and no outstanding delinquent payments or accounts in collections. We have outlined all criteria below:

*One of the applicants must be currently employed. We do accept other forms of income as well; however, we require employment income unless a customer is receiving VA Benefits Income
*No bankruptcy or bankruptcy discharged more than a year ago
*No eviction within the past 12 months
*No short sale within the past 12 months
*No foreclosures with the past 4 years
*Credit score at least 550
*Household income should be at least $2,500 a month or more
*Program payments + debt payments must be less than half the customer’s income, so if the debt payments are too high, customers might be disqualified.

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*Prices, Incentives & floor plans are subject to change without notice, models vary from communities*

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