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Full transcript:
Today we are going to be taking a look at the E-Trak Backing Plate. Part number BPEZ. As you can see, it definitely gives us more surface area under here, instead of just at each bolt location, you have got a whole plate that 4 different bolts go through here, to tie down the E-Trak. These plates are 6 inches by 6 1/2 inches and they are an eighth of an inch thick. They are zinc plated steel so that they are nice and strong, but they will also resist rust and corrosion. Depending on your application, it does have some additional holes as well, depending on how you need to mount it. These, with that extra surface area they provide, especially under things like a plywood floor here, it is going to give you that extra strength for when that 6,000 pound capacity of the E-Trak is being put into place. If it is just pulling up on single bolts that are small in diameter, they are more likely to pull through than a plate that is 6 inches by 6 1/2 inches. From the top of the E-Trak you see the heads of the bolt’s here, and that is the only thing that you can see that goes through to that plate underneath.

It helps maintain a nice clean look for your E-Trak. Having those plates underneath also makes sure that that E-Trak feels nice and secure. On this 2 foot section of E-Trak right here, I have already got either end attached to the frame rail here and here. Now, take our backing plate. I am going to put two of them in, we will put one where these holes, these two outer holes line up with these two holes, on either side. Then the other one, I am going to put right here, to where these holes line up with these holes here.

Now that I know which holes I am going to use, I am going to take a drill bit and drill these out. The holes in the E-Trak itself are 1/4 inch, but the holes in the backing plate are 5/16 of an inch. Throughout this trailer we have used 5/16 inch bolts. In order to do that, what I am going to do is take my 5/16 drill bit and I am going to drill these holes out just a little bit bigger. In the process, I will also be able to drill out the hole through the plywood. Now that I have got those drilled out, I am just going to clean this us and then I will be able to put my bolts through.

Once I am all done pushing these through, we can head underneath and get ready to mount our plates up. Now that we are underneath, we can see all 8 of our bolts poking through here. I am just going to takes some of these little wood chips that we’re chipping away from drilling out our holes. I will just pull them off and out of the way. With that area cleaned up, I can get ready to start putting our plates up into place. Where we have got these 4 holes in a line, those are going to be straight down the center here.

We will get these lined up. I am just going to put a lock washer and nut on one of these to start, just to help hold it up there. I have got these two coming through here, the other ones are just ever so slightly off. Now lets check the fitment on our other one here. Put my lock washer and nut on this one, it is sticking all the way through. I am just going to snug these up by hand to help hold the plate in place when we try and push those other bolts back down through. Just take a hammer and tap down. If it doesn’t want to go down all the way, you can also take your 1/2 inch or 13mm socket and just kind of run it down. It should grip just enough on the sides of the bracket, the hole of the bracket underneath to pull it down through. We can get the rest of our lock washers and nuts started. Once we have got them all started, we can go around and tighten them up. These are again going to be 1/2 inch or 13mm socket on the underside here. When you are tightening these up, they don’t need to be super tight, but you want to make sure that they are run down all the way, and nice and secure. If they do want to spin on you when you are getting them almost all the way tight, you can have somebody else hold a wrench on the top side at the head of the bolt while you tighten it up the rest of the way. That is going to complete our look at the E-Trak backing plate. Part number BPEZ.

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