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Full transcript:
Speaker 1: Today in our 2009 Dodge Ram pickup, we’re going to be doing a test fit on the Airbedz truck bed air mattress, part number 341002.This air mattress is made to fit your six and a half foot truck bed. Let’s go ahead an open it up and take a look.When you use one of these air mattresses in conjunction with a camper shell or even with a tent to go over the truck bed, it’s going to provide you a nice enclosed place to sleep if the conditions outside aren’t too great, whether you’re camping or hunting.If you look at one of the nicest features about this, it’s going to be that it’s self inflating and self deflating meaning that once we have our portable battery right here, that is chargeable at home, you will get a charger with your mattress, we can turn this knob and make it inflate. Just like that, and you can see it’s starting to inflate itself. What’s great is that it’s not going to overinflate itself. Once it gets to a certain point, air will start leaking out of here, which lets you know that it’s aired up to capacity.To deflate it, rather than having to open up all the plugs and just let the air leak out over a period of time and having to lay across it to get all the air to get out, it’s going to suck the air out. It’s going to make this process much faster.

It’s going to be a lot easier to pack it up into your carrying bag when you’re ready to hit the road again.I’m going to go ahead and air it back up. I’m going to crawl inside it and show you guys a little bit more.I will point out that if you’re self inflating system is not working properly or if your battery is not charged, you will have these other ports right here to manually inflate it or deflate it.So right away as I crawl in, it’s still got the same comfort as a normal air mattress. You’ve got plenty of space to roll around, if you roll around in your sleep or not. There’s plenty of space to move freely, if you’re sleeping by yourself, of course.Right here we’re going to have this cover going over our wheel well. That’s going to help protect your head or any other body parts from making contact with it while you’re sleeping.Now while it’s not too comfortable to sleep on it, you still are able to.

I would just not advise it. It’s a little bit more comfy to stay on this side of that line. You do want to keep in mind that if you have multiple people sleeping on this, staying inside those lines could be difficult, so you might have a little bit of discomfort, but it still shouldn’t be too big of a problem.It’s made out of the heavy duty nylon construction, so it’s going to be very durable, and it’s not going to deflate while you’re sleeping on it so you’re not going to wake up in the morning laying on your truck bed. The only way that would happen is if someone came and took a knife or something and poked a hole in it.You can purchase inserts separately for these wheel wells if you want to use this for your tent or at your house, you just air them up and there’s hook and loop pads on the underside of that cover and there’s also hook and loop pads on the insert to go ahead and put those in and then you’ll be ready to use it outside of your truck bed.That’s going to do it for our look at the Airbedz Truck Bed Air Mattress on our 2009 Dodge Ram pickup.

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