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English Grammar: Sentence Patterns – What you need to know!

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English Grammar: Sentence Patterns – What you need to know!

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Part 2 of a two-part lesson on sentence structure. What common patterns do sentences follow? Learn the basic patterns of a simple sentence. Review the parts of a clause.

NOTE: I apologize for making a slip of the tongue twice towards the end. I said “sentence” instead of “subject.” The pattern is subject + verb.

0:01 Why learn sentence patterns?
1:02 Lesson title
1:10 Pattern 1: SV
1:44 Pattern 2: SVO
2:31 transitive vs. intransitive verbs
3:55 What are adverbials? What do you need to know?
6:46 Pattern 3: SVC
7:22 Linking verbs
8:54 Note on terminology (adverbials / adverbial complements)
11:13 Pattern 4: SVOO (indirect objects vs. direct objects)
13:43 Pattern 5: SVOC
15:13 Practice task
17:52 Recall all 5 basic patterns
18:25 Lesson ending

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