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This video shows how custom engineers every FloBed Talalay Latex Mattress. It shows the Deluxe 12 inch mattress and then goes into more detail on the vZone Latex Mattress with adjustable firmness Zones as well as support cores. The 20 Year Goldilocks Guarantee is explained also.
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Morning at the Pacific Ocean

As the sun breaks through the redwoods, a world begins to wake up.

In Fort Bragg, 120 miles north of San Francisco is an extraordinary California Mattress Company, home of Custom Engineered Talalay Comfort.

Here at FloBeds every mattress we make and ship worldwide is 100% Talalay,

Earth’s most perfect sleep material. Bouyant Talalay has a breathable cell structure no foam can match.

In every FloBed the Talaly inside is surrounded with luxurious 4-way stretch double knit cotton quilted to wool.

Inside the cover we first have our convoluted Talalay which provides immediate pressure relief and keeps your blood circulating through your skin.

Under the full-width convoluted topper are layers of 3” Talalay, engineered for the comfort and support of each sleeper.
Your FloBed is custom engineered Talalay Comfort made to your body’s sleep demographics.
Over here we have a Talalay vZone. Depending on your sleeping needs, your FloBed can be made Deluxe or vZone on both sides, or half Deluxe and half vZone.

Side sleepers often have pressure point pain in their Shoulders or Hips… or sometimes their spine aches from bridging those two points. The vZone addresses each zone to provide both targeted pressure relief and spinal alignment.

The unique FloBeds vZone allows you to change any zone as your body requires. If your hip is sinking into the mattress too far, simply exchange the Hip and firmner Foot zone, which are sized to be interchangeable. When you change the position of your hip, you adjust your spinal alignment. If your body needs a firmenss that is not built in to your vZone, we will send you the Zone you need no charge for the first 100 days. No charge. Nothing to send back.

FloBeds adjustabilty does not end there. With our Goldilocks Guarantee, for the 20 year life of your mattress, you can order zones or complete full length latex cores at a fraction of the cost Years 1-5 a zone is only $25, and up to 2 full length cores for just $75 each.

Custom Engineered Talalay Comfort. JUST RIGHT today, JUST RIGHT in 20 years. The Goldilocks Guarantee.

Hi, I’m Dave Turner, President of FloBeds. Thanks for watching this video. At FloBeds, we like to say: If you listen to your body, we will listen to you, and together we will get your mattress JUST RIGHT.

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