Endy vs Casper Mattress – Which All-Foam Bed Is Best?

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If you’re a fan of all-foam mattresses, you can’t go wrong with either the Endy or Casper. But even so, each mattress will work best for different types of sleepers. Which one should you get? Our Endy vs Casper mattress comparison will help you find out!

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The Endy mattress feels slightly softer than Casper, making it a great choice for side sleepers. If you suffer from back pain, you may want to consider the Casper mattress. This bed has a zoned support system, which helps people maintain the proper spinal alignment throughout the night.

The Casper mattress contains proprietary AirScape foam, which is ventilated for extra breathability and airflow. Because it contains so many advanced features, however, the Casper has a higher price tag. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for the Endy.

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Hey y'all Alyssa here your friendly Neighborhood mattress reviewer at Mattressclarity.com today I'm going to Be putting two very popular mattresses Head to Head we're chatting about the Envy versus the Casper to help you find The perfect bed for you I'll go over Each one's firmness feel and unique Features but don't forget you can read Our full reviews at mattressclarity.com And you'll find some money saving Coupons while you're there well let's Dive In [Music] Before I get into the comparison I do Want to let you know that if you choose To purchase a mattress using our Affiliate links in the description below We may earn a commission this helps us Fund our mattress testing operation and It keeps all of our content free to you [Music] Let's kick things off by talking about Their similarities first of all they are Both all foam mattresses and they work Well for both back and side sleepers Plus they isolate motion well which is Great news if you share a bed with a Partner of course we got a chat about The differences as well first of all the ND mattress is only available in Canada The Casper mattress is available both in Canada and in the US and the Casper is a Bit firmer than the ND mattress plus

Casper has zoned support which means it Feels firmer in the center and softer Near the head and the foot of the Mattress and because of these bells and Whistles Casper does cost a little bit More than the Indy To really understand the differences Between these mattresses we're going to Need to look at their constructions so Let's start by chatting about the ND This mattress is 10 inches tall and it's Surrounded by a micro quilted cover it Feels super breathable and soft beneath That you'll find a layer of their Proprietary ND foam this material feels Slightly more responsive than Traditional memory foam so it doesn't Trap heat as easily beneath that you Have a thin layer of transition foam and Then finally a thick piece of high Density support foam the Casper mattress Is a little bit thicker than the ND it's About 11 inches tall and it's surrounded By a thin breathable cover very similar To what you'll find in the ND the major Differences are going to come from the First two Comfort layers first of all The Casper mattress has what they call Airscape foam it's ventilated for extra Air flow so it's really great if you Tend to sleep hot at night beneath that Is a a layer of zoned support memory Foam what makes it zoned is that it Feels firmer in the center and softer

Near the head and the foot this is Designed to help you maintain a nice Neutral spine whether you're resting on Your back side or stomach and finally at The bottom you'll find a thick layer of High density support foam which is very Similar to what's in the ND Important factors to consider when You're shopping for a new mattress is Firmness and feel so here at mattress Clarity we have a firmness scale that Goes from 1 to 10 with six and a half Indicating the industry standard for Medium firm the ND mattress comes right In that industry standard level it's About six and a half out of ten you'll Get a great balance of comfort and Support on this mattress the Casper Feels a bit firmer overall and that's Thanks to its zoned support system so as A whole we say that this feels like a 7 Out of 10 so just slightly more Supportive and when it comes to how they Feel it's a very similar story both have A balanced foam feel so you'll get a bit Of fleshness and pressure relief but Loss of support from the base foam Underneath you're not going to feel like You're sinking into this mattress or Like it's hard to move around on top of Either one Moving on to sleeping positions let's Start by chatting about the ND this Mattress is really great for back

Sleepers and side sleepers when you're On your back you'll get a great balance Of comfort and support but you still get That pressure relief that you need when You're resting on your side we don't Recommend the ND for stomach sleepers Because it's just not quite supportive Enough to keep your hips in the proper Alignment the Casper on the other hand Works well for backside and stomach Sleepers especially folks who fall on About an average weight category that Zoned support will really keep your back In a nice neutral alignment and offer The pressure relief where you need it Most I will say though if you're a bit Taller or heavier the Casper may not Work well for you while your stomach Sleeping if you fall in this category Look for a mattress that falls more in The eight or nine out of 10 firmness Range [Music] If you share a bed with a partner you Want to pay close attention to your Mattresses and motion isolation and Edge Support so let's start by talking about Motion isolation so what this means is If you're sleeping on one side of the Bed and your partner gets in on the Other and they start switching sleeping Positions in the night are you gonna Feel that movement come over to your Side of the bed fortunately both

Mattresses isolate motion super well This is very common with all foam beds You're not going to feel a lot of that Movement come over to your side of the Bed so you can sleep soundly when it Comes to Edge support though we have to Give the edge To the Casper so what this means is if You're sleeping on the side or sitting Along the edge are you going to feel Supported or are you going to feel like You might roll off the Envy doesn't have Terrible Edge support but you will feel Yourself sinking just a bit Casper is a Bit more supportive around the size Which means that you can really spread Out and enjoy the whole surface area of The mattress Pry wondering how much these mattresses Cost well the Envy mattress is a bit More affordable and at full price for a Queen it costs about 895 dollars Canadian the Casper mattress before Discounts cost about fifteen hundred Dollars for a queen in Canadian dollars But don't forget you can get some great Deals with our mattress Clarity coupons Found in the description below who Should get the ND mattress well this is A great choice for people who want to Save a little bit of money it's also a Bit more streamlined you're not going to Find as many bells and whistles and if You're looking for something with a

Classic medium firm feel Andy is a great Choice Who should get the Casper well this bed Works really well for folks who suffer From back pain that zone support layer Is really going to help you maintain a Nice neutral alignment which will help Combat back pain and if you tend to Sleep exceptionally hot at night opt for The Casper and finally the Caster Mattress is a great choice for Combination sleepers whether you sleep On your back side or stomach you should Get the comfort and support that you Need well that's about it if you need Any more information about the ND or Casper mattress just head over to Mattressclarity.com You'll also find Some great coupons while you're there See ya [Music] [Music]