Emma CliMax Mattress Review – Perfect for Plus Size Sleepers?

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Are you a plus size sleeper? The Emma CliMax might be just the mattress you are looking for.

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0:00 Emma CliMax Mattress Overview
0:27 Company Policies
0:48 Mattress Construction
1:51 Unboxing
2:18 Firmness and Feel
2:52 Sleeping Positions
3:19 Couples Test
4:12 Pricing
4:29 Who Should Get The Emma CliMax?
5:06 Who Shouldn’t Get The Emma CliMax?
5:37 Wrap-up

The Emma CliMax features supportive, durable materials and is designed specifically with heavier people in mind. It is also rated to support two heavier sleepers, making it ideal for larger couples. The Emma CliMax is responsive and allows for easy movement during those intimate moments. And, it’s all sold for a value price!

However, lightweight sleepers might think that the mattress is too firm for them. Being firmer, it is also not the best for side sleeping. Lastly, the responsive Emma CliMax might not work well for fans of memory foam mattresses.

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