This video will help you know more about whistles especially if used as an emergency signal! Know how to use them!

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All right so welcome back so today we Will be talking about emergency whistles So let me Try to There you go so for emergency whistle so What do you do when your voice is not Strong enough to shout for help so Sometimes the simple solutions are the Best so whistles are tough enough if you Use it correctly So whistles provide a very loud sound That require very little blowing effort So the sound of a whistle will attract Rescue personnel to your location So what are the advantages of having an Emergency whistle So it can be heard from more than a mile Away Your voice is no match for a super loud Rescue whistle so it takes minimal Energy to use and produces over 100 Decibels of high pitched sound So it’s easy for kids to blow just what You need is for Uh if your family gets separated in the Back country So Also one of the advantage of having an Emergency whistle is easy to carry so It’s compact and lightweight and it fits Just about anywhere It can be worn around the neck or wrist Or attached to your clothing backpack or A life-saving jacket actually pretty

Much everywhere you can You can put it everywhere it’s really uh Compact again it’s compact and it’s Lightweight so whenever you go outside Or Like camping or hiking or even scuba Diving You can wear or at least you can you Should have um A whistle So will work without fail sometimes the Simplest solutions are the best again so When you’re stuck in the sticks Your gps or cell phone can lose signal Or run out of batteries so yeah it’s Nice to have like yeah like everybody Has a cell phone right now and probably Your phone has a gps and you can Actually pretty much use it but the Question is what if your phone Or your battery starts to Go down like Totally zero What will you do what will you what will You Have in your backpack that could Actually help you that people will Actually locate you from where you are At that time So also the advantage is enjoy peace of Mind so make sure you and your family Are ready for anything on your next Outdoor adventure and you can keep one In your car one in your emergency

Preparedness kit and one in your Backpack or bug out bag so Again you can hook it in your Keychains in your backpack in your Emergency kit um you can actually buy Those whistles that are actually You can be worn as a necklace And sometimes there is like a wrist You can wear it in your wrist Attach it to again attached to your Clothing and and so on it’s It’s so many there are so many Ways and Things where you can actually put your Or attach your whistle All right So tip so establish within your group About the signals when camping hiking or Even going to a picnic because pretty Much in a picnic there’s a lot of people Especially especially if you have a kid Like a really like really young kid that You know Might it might get lost so it’s easy and It’s nice if you have like your own or At least a group signal So There is an international whistle codes So the number of whistle below is this One And here is the meaning So number of whistle blows so one Whistle blow Is equivalent to

Where are you Two whistle blows is come to me and Three whistle blows which everyone Should know is i need help or i’m in Distress Or it’s a actually um You know A pretty much um accurate Uh whistle code that means Help me Okay So i’m going to play you the three Whistle blows i hope you can hear it From my recording so let’s see There we go so that’s the three whistle Blows that means i need help alright so You should know this so You in just not just buying a A whistle And you don’t know the codes It’s pretty much you know I don’t know at least you have for me It’s important that you have a whistle Than not knowing the codes but it’s nice To have a whistle but you know the code So that you would know if you blow three Whistles that means i need help and you If you hear One missile blow that means Someone heard your Help Uh your um Your whistle that means where are you And then

You can You can actually whistle two Two whistle blows that means come to me Or actually you or The rescuer or someone who heard your Whistles can actually use that so but It’s important that you know three Whistle blows means i need help all Right so this is uh more of like a Nice to know Or nice to mention um here This is the international morse code It’s I think it’s pretty much uh it’s hard to Memorize this but If you can’t memorize it at least print You know the international morse code Um like for example you can print this One and then you can Attach it to your immersion ticket or to Your backup bag or your backpack just in Case you know at least you have like the International morse code with you All right so the morse code for sos so That is three short blast three long Blast and then the three short blast So that is the morse code for sos or Morse code for help so essentially if we Hear someone blasting three long beeps And repeating blasting Their whistle like for example the owner Of the whistle Uh the the person who is actually Doing the whistle

Doesn’t know the codes and it just keeps Blasting their whistles like Um very fast or just It’s just you know Uh just keeps blasting their whistles That means someone is asking for Help so i’m gonna play you Another audio of what is the morse code Again this is three short blast three Long blasts and then three short blast There you go oh sorry there you go so That is the morse code for sos so it’s Really nice to remember three short Three long three short all right so that Is actually a code for asking Someone for help All right so how loud should be your Whistle so whistle loudness is measured In decibels and the higher the number The higher the sound so usually 100 Decibels are up is a nice Um whistle or it’s much better All right so there’s types of whistle so There’s a pea whistle and a pea less Whistle so a pea whistle Contains a small ball or p so air Pressure and currents passing through The whistle chamber cause the p to Vibrate in a patterned motion and Produce a high pitched trill or vibrato That’s hard to ignore so this is what a P p whistle looks like so this one is a Transparent so it’s much more easier to See um and then this is the what you

Call the p So this is what it looks like All right so for the pls whistle it’s Introduced as a more reliable and more Hygienic alternative like fox 40 Whistles lead the way for other new P-less whistles so basically it’s a Whistle that has no p Okay All right so to p or not to p so for the P pros and cons so for the pros for the P category the unmistakable trill Produced by a p whistle grabs your Attention and is very accom Very commanding all right and p whistles Are generally less costly because it’s Pretty much you can buy pretty much Everywhere So pretty cons so p whistles have more Moving parts Drawing criticism that may be more Difficult to clean and can fail due to Jamming actually i Read Some of the Cons for peas Actually i was not able to put it here But Um it says that of course there is a p Or it’s a ball it’s actually the p ball People um it’s actually made by a cork Type of material so it’s um It’s more likely to absorb the saliva The water that might get inside of the

Whistle and will actually deteriorate so That is one of the cons for the pee All right next p less Category to p or not to p for the pros They have less moving parts so and are Less prone to failure and are easier to Clean so again there’s no Ball or pee inside of it so you can just Clean it like Normal like you don’t have to worry for Anything that can be destroyed inside of It so again water drains easily from the Sound chamber and for the cons they Extend they tend to be more expensive All right again types of whistle there Is a metal whistle and a plastic whistle I’m not going to define it anymore i’m Just going to put some pictures so at Least you have some idea but i’m sure You know this All right so for the metal whistle for For the pros it’s stronger and more Durable than plastic whistles like Non-abs and will not become brittle in Extreme temperatures and can produce a High decibel sound For the cons it will not float Very conductive will heat up in hot Weather and get cold in cold weather Because it’s a metal basically and it Will corrode easily when exposed to salt And chlorine so again it’s a metal so Again if the metal is exposed to some Pool or ocean water

You will have It will be it will create rust And it’s hard to grip with It’s hard to grip with our wet or cold Hands so that’s the cons for the metal Whistle so last for the plastic whistle For the pros will not freeze in cold Conditions Not as conductive as metal doesn’t heat Up or cool down in hot or cold weather And this one will float in liquids like For example in the ocean or in the pool As you can see it will float you can Easily grab it just in case There is like a whistle there so Corrosion resistant canvas Can withstand prolonged exposure to salt And chlorine because it’s plastic And so can produce a high decibel sound So for the cons can be weaker and less Durable than metal so of course if You’re if you are going to compare the Durability of the metal and the plastic The plastic can act can be a little bit Weaker and less durable all right so Plastic can become brutal in extreme Conditions like for example you You put your whistle outside of your House And it’s exposing for a very very long Time Of course it’s plastic it’s gonna be Brittle Especially if it’s really really really

Hot All right so this one is really Important i want to remind you guys this One so it says here we cannot stop not Uh natural disasters but we can arm Ourselves with the knowledge so many Lives wouldn’t have to be lost if there Was enough disaster preparedness this is By petra nemkova i think this is Important that’s why we’re making this Video is that you know it’s nice to have Like an emergency kit with you like what Are the Things uh to actually have Or be prepared with But Like for example this Whistle it’s really simple you can Actually use it without any knowledge of The codes but it’s much more Easier and it will be more convenient if You know the codes so and the types of Whistles there is so with regards to The whistles i actually have a video That i can put down the link uh below in The description box Or actually like Pretty much you can see it pretty much Anywhere here in the video um That is like types of whistles where you Can actually buy them what kind of Whistles there is how much are they are So at least you have an idea i’ll put it Down

Here in the link or in the description Box so it’s easier to find or you can Just go ahead and click on the allow the Playlist for the 11 things um That you need for a survival Kit so that there is a there is a video There that That is for whistles All right then so thank you so much for Watching guys and i hope you learned Something from here again it’s it’s it’s It’s it’s just easy to be prepared Especially if you’re outgoing or i mean Like you’re actually outside Uh like camp if you really like camping Or hiking at least you have some Um Knowledge in terms of using the whistle So thank you guys so much for watching This video and i hope to see you on to The next one bye