EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BLANKETS, 5 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cover Category

EMERGENCY SURVIVAL BLANKETS, 5 PACK Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cover Category

Perfect for emergency situations where warmth or protection from inclement weather conditions is required. Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining up to 90% of a user’s body heat.

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Hi guys and welcome back to the video Here And this will be uh the third and last In our category in the cover category so Again this is another um survival Blanket but the first Survival blanket that i actually Reviewed a while ago or the first one Was It’s an extra large Size but this one is will be on a Regular size so yeah And that other one Has only one color which is the color um Red and the Red with pink or Yeah red with pink or just pure red Uh but this one um this is totally Different so let me just go ahead and Proceed so again this is the emergency Survival blankets again this is already Five pack um In a box and they have three available Colors they have olive drab Safety orange And woodland camo So that’s what it looks like so they Have three colors again olive drab Safety orange and woodland camo So i’m gonna just click on that one So as you can see the one uh pack is Like this So you can definitely put it in your Survival bag

Survival backpack And you can see that it’s actually uh it Will give you enough space Um And it’s really handy There you go So that’s the colors So here designed for emergency use helps Prevent shock and hyperthermia retains And reflects up to 90 percent of it uses A user’s body heat And perfect for emergency situations Where warmth or protection From inclement weather conditions is Required All right So the size is 52 by 82 inches Weight is 1.75 ounce thickness is 17 Microns there you go And again it has multiple uses it can be Used as tarps Impromptu shade Rescue or distressed beacons ponchos Ground cover Alright so again just click on this one If you want to watch the video so i’ll Just scroll down All right so um What makes their survival blankets so Good so originally it is designed for Space exploration Uh durable advanced aluminized mylar Blankets that are reusable waterproof And windproof

And can be um Can also be used for both ground cover Rescue or distressed beacons ponchos Tarps and shade Perfect for emergency situations where Warmth or protection from inclement Weather conditions is required also Helps prevent hyperthermia And shock by retaining up to 90 Of a user’s body heat And each titan survival emergency Blanket is individually folded wrapped And sealed for easy storage and Retrieval um these 80 to 82 52 by 82 Blankets are 17 microns thick and are Perfect for marathons backpacking Emergency kits and go bag or bug out bag Gear Uh and the exclusive color options in Addition to the standard colors of Safety orange and olive drab or which is Army green Uh their mylar emergency survival Blankets also come in two colors Um Exclusive to titan survival which is the Shroud camouflage and the xl signal Panel Which i will be showing you Right now Let’s click on that one So that one And This one

This color There you go All right so for the product Specifications the Blanket size when folded is three by Five by 0.5 inches blanket size unfolded 52 by 82 inches blanket weight 1.7 ounces or 50 grams thickness is 17 Microns versus 12 microns industry Average So let me just go ahead and scroll down And see the customer’s reviews so based On eight reviews 88 Of Uh the reviews are five stars so let me Just go ahead and read here Okay here please make it thicker It seems to be a single use item when i Truck When i tuck the fabric under my shoes to Anchor it down while sleeping it visibly Stresses the material good for one night But i’d like it in the same size but Heavier thicker duty materials i didn’t Go for the heavy duty heavier duty ones In rusty colors because i didn’t want Bright Okay the heavier duty ones in the of Color would be Great um Okay that can appear to be exactly as Advertised i have them as a part of a

Bug out bag in case of emergency So yeah again the reviews are great so There’s eight eight percent says it’s a Five star So yeah um again this will be available In three colors olive drab Safety orange and woodland camo And this is for 25 dollars and 98 cents Again this is Already five pack So yeah um Thank you so much for watching this Video and i hope to see you soon Bye