EMERGENCY SLEEPING BAGS Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cover Category

EMERGENCY SLEEPING BAGS Review | Titan Survival Product Review Cover Category

This Extra-Thick Emergency Sleeping Bags are designed to be used in an emergency for heat retention and to help you survive inclement weather when no other options are available. Perfect for hiking, camping, boating, hunting, and surviving in the outdoors. Also excellent as a sleeping bag liner in cold weather, or a sleeping bag cover (or bivvy) in wet weather. The perfect preparedness item for your Survival Kits and Bug-Out Bags.

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Hi guys and thank you so much for um Clicking this video so this will be our Second video under the cover category And we will be talking about the Emergency sleeping bags So we have here the titan survival Emergency sleeping bag and this is 24.98 And this is what it looks like So actually they have three colors they Have dark earth Safety orange [Music] And Woodland camo So you have three colors and available Here So you just click on the color that you Want and order that one up All right so let’s be let me just click On this one So emergency warmth so originally Designed for heat retention during the Nasa apollo mission Provides quick warmth in emergencies by Retaining and Reflecting up to 90 percent Of your own Body heat back towards you Made from a lightweight pro Proprietary non-toxic Poly polyoly that leffen film that is Soft Tough quiet and safe And

Let’s click on that one so again tarps Impromptu shade rescue or distress Beacons poncho’s sleeping bag So uh measures 36 by 78 inches when Unrolled perfect for one large adult and It weighs just 4.5 ounce or 126 grams So this bag Measures 3.5 by 3.5 by 6 inches When rolled and comes in its own compact Stuff sack There you go Okay Let’s click on the other one so again The uh these are the colors that are Available Woodland camo safety orange and earth Olive These colors are great All right So these are the um Reviews so let’s just let’s just go Ahead and scroll down again lifetime Warranty U.s veteran-owned business um free Domestic shipping easy returns And just go ahead and scroll down you Can watch the video on how to use The emergency sleeping bags All right So their extra thick emergency sleeping Bags are designed To be used in an emergency for heat Retention and to help you survive Inclement weather

When no other options are available so This this is also perfect for hiking Camping boating hunting and surviving in The outdoors Also excellent as a sleeping bag liner In cold weather Or a sleeping bag cover or bivvy in wet Weather The perfect preparedness item for Survival kits and bug out bags So the product features Um designed for nasa extra thick and Warm compact design And Their mylar sleeping bags are 41 percent Thicker than the leading competitor Helping to keep you warmer in emergency Situations where protection from Inclement weather conditions is required So each sleeping bag is designed to help Prevent hyperthermia and shock by Retaining up to 90 percent of your body Heat and have been tested down to 40 40 degrees fahrenheit So The this is designed to comfortably fit A single adult Each emergency sleeping bag is tear Resistant reusable and can be rolled And stowed in the In the include olive drab nylon Drawstring bag These sleeping bags are perfect for Backpacking emergency kits and bug out

Bags and can also be used as a bv stack Cover for your regular sleeping bag So for the product specifications Size when packed six By 3.25 by 3.5 inches If it is unrolled it is 36 by 78 inches Um total weight and stuff sack it’s on 4.3 ounces or 120 120 Grams Um thickness is 35 to 40 microns versus 19 Microns um industry average and So yeah So out of 11 reviews 82 percent uh gave A five star review and i’ll just read Some of you i’ll i’ll read some of that For you guys So it says you’re good quality heavy Duty i can definitely see using this Product over and over again and it says Here a compact Sleeping bag that will shelter you in an In any emergency And very happy with the product as with Everything is ordered from titan Survival quality products and great Customer service what more could i ask From a company that i never just that Never disappoint Thanks Guys so again great customer reviews And um Again for more information Just click and watch the video if you

Want So again They have three colors dark earth Safety orange and woodland Camo so again this is the emergency Sleeping bags and this is 24.98 [Music] So thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you on to the next video