Effective Prevention of Heel Ulcers by Reducing Friction and Shear: Theory to Practice

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WCICT2017 Symposium Supported by APA Parafricta Ltd (June 21, 2017 – Manchester)

Chairman – Dr Jerry Hutchinson, (Hutchinson WoundTech – former Director, Human Physiology and Innovation for ConvaTec)

The Biomechanical Influence of Static Friction and Shearing on Heel Tissue DamageProfessor Amit Gefen, (Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Tel Aviv University)

Clinical Manifestations of Friction and Shear Related Skin Breakdown.  Resolution of Oedema and Inflammation Measured by Ultrasound on Heels Treated with Low Friction Fabric BooteesCathie Bree-Aslan, MSc RGN DipN  (independent wound care consultant)

Five-year Clinical Experience of using Low Friction Fabric Bootees for Heel Pressure Injury PreventionDebbie Gleeson, (Lead Nurse Tissue Viability, St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)

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