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Ecosa Mattress Review: Mattress Advisor (2018 Review)

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Ecosa Mattress Review: Mattress Advisor (2018 Review)

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Since our video review was completed, the price for a queen has been raised to $999. Additionally, Mattress Advisor learned more about Ecosa’s social impact, earning them a higher social responsibility score and overall rating. Ecosa’s overall score is now an 8.3/10.


The Ecosa is a memory foam mattress that comes with an adjustable firmness level – medium, medium-firm and firm. To change the firmness level, all you have to do is unzip the cover and rearrange the layers. In this video, we test the medium-firm level.

Each mattress we test goes through 6-point testing procedure and 8-point evaluation in our Mattress Lab. These results help us generate our Mattress Advisor Score.

Tune into our video review to see how the Ecosa mattress scored on these different factors – like responsiveness, pressure relief, and motion transfer – to help you determine if this is the right mattress for you.


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