#Easy #Detox – #Spring #Cleaning – EZ Tutorial for #Toned, #Slim, #Energy


Spring is a natural seasonal time to cleanse and Detox. Let’s try an easy transition to Detox, tone, energize with 3 Super Foods. Lighten up on your eating and leave out all the junk.
Then add organic coconut oil, organic ground chia, and organic Triphala.

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I want you to be the happiest, healthiest you. My videos are funny, informative, and inspiring. I have 35 years experience (OMG) at organic, natural living as well as Yoga. I have been to India 13 times! I am an international wellness coach and Yoga educator. I live in New York City where I am a wellness coach, consultant, and Yoga educator. I get to work with amazing clients and students on life-changing health and wellness transformations. I also travel the world teaching wellness and Yoga workshops as well as teacher trainings. I coach in my office in New York City as well as by phone. I love working with new clients.

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I love Yoga, natural beauty, organic beauty, organic living, cooking, reading and writing. Also dancing, and exploring new movement and new coaching methods.
I hate plastic, single use everything (except toilet paper), junk food, and disposable things and mindsets. I want to inspire 1 million girls and women to lead amazing, healthy, joyous, and meaningful lives. 1 billion.

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