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E031 Flipping 100 Houses with Ease with Jon Schoeller

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E031 Flipping 100 Houses with Ease with Jon Schoeller

E031 Flipping 100 Houses with Ease with Jon Schoeller

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In E031 Jon Schoeller recaps his progress in the high volume flipping game (Jon was originally on E014 but was passing through and came on for an update). Jon has been flipping properties for the better part of two years with his company is making the most of the private money that they’re borrowing.

At the moment Jon and his partners have flipped over 100 properties and also have many “in holding” in their rent to own program. At the moment Jon has not done any ‘buy and hold’ investing personally but believes he will be doing so in the near future.

Episode 031 features a breakdown of one of Jon’s recent deals that he and his wife invested in personally. They profited $18,000 on a $90,000 investments in just 3.5 months. Jon discusses how he like’s to further develop relationships with his private lenders by treating them well and paying them bonuses and he also discusses his overall investing strategies that include Roth IRA and 401k investments. Jon is clearly a bright guy with some serious investing skills and an eye for real estate and business opportunities.

In his “off-time” Jon runs a gym (that he owns), does management consulting, fosters dogs and enjoys sampling vegan pastries with his wife, Rhianna.


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Andrew Hines is a real estate investor from Burlington Ontario and he’s primarily invested in London Ontario. As of the time of publishing this video Andrew has a approximately $4,000,000 in personal real estate holdings and aspirations of growing his personal cash flow to $10,000 per month (and then $20,000 shortly thereafter).

While he takes an alternate approach, Andrew preaches use of the BRRRR method to achieve financial independence and he has become quite proficient in construction management, building and development due to his value-add approach to real estate investing.

Andrew owns several companies, including a construction general contractor, and has built out multiple investment property units in Southwestern Ontario Canada.

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