DreamCloud Mattress Review | 3 Best/Worst Features (UPDATED 2022)

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DreamCloud Mattress Review | 3 Best/Worst Features (UPDATED 2022). In this video, Wes who is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, covers the three best and three worst things about the DreamCloud mattress. DreamCloud is a premium online mattress brand owned by the company Resident Home. Resident Home has a few different bed in a box brands such as Siena, Nectar, and Awara. As for DreamCloud, they offer three different models: The DreamCloud, DreamCloud Premier, and DreamCloud Premier Rest. Wes talks about how the DreamCloud mattress ranks in terms of feel, firmness and pressure relief. He also talks about how much support the DreamCloud provides as well as what types of sleepers (side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combination sleepers) the bed is best for. Overall, the DreamCloud mattress has a memory foam pillow-top feel and might be one of the more affordable luxury memory foam mattresses online. The bed comes with a 365 night trial period, free delivery and a lifetime warranty. Be sure to look out and see if we rank this bed in our Best Hybrid Beds or Best Hotel Beds mattress buyers guide. Thanks for watching this DreamCloud mattress reviews video. Hopefully it helps you decide whether the DreamCloud mattress is right for your specific situation!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:58 – General Mattress Policies
1:51 – Feel
2:35 – Pricing
3:30 – Firmness
4:25 – Other Options
5:10 – Height Profile
5:55 – Final Verdict: DreamCloud 3 Best & 3 Worst Things
6:10 – Conclusion

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What are the three best and three worst Things about the dream Cloud mattress That's what we're talking about today at The slumber yard hi I'm Wes and if you Didn't know the Slumber yard we review All things online beds and mattresses And products like that so we know a Thing or two about the bedding industry Now in this video I'm talking about the Three things that you need to know about Dream Cloud that are really nice and the Three things that are not so nice and I Do want to preface this all by saying That these worse things aren't that bad You know the dream cloud is a really Quality bed it's really nice and we all Pretty much like it over here at the Yard but I do have to get nitpicky and Talk about some of the worst things so That's what I'm gonna do in this video If you enjoy it hit the thumbs up button Or subscribe to the channel but let's Get into the three best three worst Things about dreamcloud [Music] More We work real hard To find the right bed for you can save You money Okay before I get into these three best Three worst things about the dream Cloud Mattress I do want to say that dream Cloud did send us this bed for free to Review and tell you guys about it but

Let's just get right into it starting With number one the first best thing About this mattress is the policies it's A bed in a box mattress that'll ship to Your house completely free and once it's In your possession you just rip off all The packaging and then you have a 365 Night trial period so you get a full Year to test this thing out in the Comfort of your own home before you have To really make a decision of whether you Want to keep it or send it back and now Something else great as if during that Trial period you don't really like it Comes with completely free returns and The cherry on top of the Sunday is the Lifetime warranty that this bed is Backed by so you know a 365 night trial Period and a lifetime warranty pretty Hard to beat in the mattress industry if You do need any more information about These policies we'll link some helpful Links for you down below in the Description but let's get on to the Number two best thing about this bed and That would be the feel this bed has a Responsive memory foam theme it's got Some pocketed coils as well so it's Going to be really nice if you're a fan Of something that's got a you know a Hint of memory foam but it's not an Overpowering memory foam sensation the Pillow top combined with those memory Foam elements and those pocketed coils

Means that the bed will snap back into Shape rather quickly so if you do like To cycle between different sleeping Positions throughout the night this feel Will be really accommodating for that Now it does use memory foam in the Construction and you might feel it a Little and you might feel it more if you Have more mass if you're a bigger body Type maybe if you're a little smaller You might not feel it as much but in General it's pretty much responsive and That combined with the pillow top in Those coils will make it really Accommodating and the third best part About dream cloud is the price so this Bed has a value of around the 1700 Mark But you're gonna be paying around the Thousand dollar Mark and usually get Some free sheets or free pillows bundled In so you basically get a whole room set Up for almost a grand and you might be Able to save more money if you check Down below in the description box Because over here at the slumber it we Like to help people save money we Sometimes have discount codes so check Down there whatever is current but Basically you're paying an affordable Price for a really quality product now This pricing may change as of when You're watching this video but just know That all the current pricing will be Linked Down Below in the description as

With the current coupon codes that we Might be able to have for you but you Know keep that all in mind and know that Pricing does change now it's time to get Into the worst things you know play some Scary music oh no but luckily these Worse things again aren't that bad now The first one I am going to talk about Is the bed's firmness it's right around A medium on our firmness scale and the Reason I put that on the worst category Is because maybe you want a bid that's Extra firm or extra soft well this one's Going to be right in the middle but it Will work for all sleeper types you know If you're a back side stomach or Combination sleeper this bed should be a Great option for you and since it does Have those pocketed coils in combination With those Foams and that pillow top it Should work for all body types as well But what if you want a bed that is Firmer for strict back or stomach Sleepers or something that is maybe a Bit softer for strict side or Combination sleepers well the brand Dreamcloud does have some options for You the rest mattress that they make the Dream Club premiere rest is slightly Softer and they also have the dream Cloud Premiere which is slightly firmer So you know you could get a bed that is More in line with your firmness liking Now since I mentioned those other beds

From the brand dream Cloud that brings Us to the second worst thing about the Dream Cloud the flagship dream cloud is That it's not the top tier top of the Line bed you know this is their entry Level bed it's the most affordable but That means it doesn't have as many Features now if you do go the route of One of these other dream Cloud beds they Will have a more pronounced pillow top But you will have to spend up for them As when I'm recording this video the Premiere is around the 1400 Mark and the Premiere rest is around the 1800 Mark The rest is around a medium soft to a Medium on our scale and the premiere is Around a medium to a medium firm on our Scale so again a little bit different Firmnesses but the flagship dream cloud Is nothing to turn your nose up at you Know it's a really quality product it Even features some cashmere woven into The cover so you know if you want to Spend up and get something nicer you can You have that option now the third worst Thing about the dream Cloud bed would be The height profile now this is a 14 inch Thick mattress which is pretty darn Thick and if you've been sleeping on Something thinner you might have normal Sheets well with this you're probably Going to have to spend up and get those Deep pocket sheets which you know you Don't think you need until your sheets

Are popping off in the night or getting All crinkled up and sleeping on a bed That is a 14 inch thick bed around that I've noticed that you do want the right Sheets for the right bed now lucky for You the dream Cloud does come with a Free bundle of gifs it comes with a free Mattress protector free sheets and Usually two free pillows when you order So you might be able to get all that Stuff handled right up top but you know Just know that it is a thicker bed so I Hope you enjoyed this video of the five Best one one worst thing about dream Cloud obviously I joke but if you're Interested in a bed with more of a Responsive foam feel that's around a Medium with pocketed coils for a pretty Affordable price for the quality you Can't go wrong with this mattress but What do you guys think did you enjoy This format if so write us down below in The comments would you try the dream Cloud have you we would also like to Know that and if you enjoyed it hit the Thumbs up on this video or subscribe to The channel for more we're always doing A ton of stuff over here at the slumber Yard but for the rest of the summer yard Team I'm Wes wishing you a good night's Sleep Yards [Music] Like And subscribe