Douglas vs Endy Mattress – Which Is The Best Canadian Mattress?

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If you’re in the market for one of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada, you’ve no doubt come across Douglas and Endy. But which one will meet your sleep needs? Our Douglas vs Endy mattress comparison will help you figure that out!

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2:20 Firmness and Feel
2:58 Sleeping Positions
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5:08 Pricing
5:29 Who Should Get The Douglas Mattress?
5:44 Who Should Get The Endy Mattress?
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Though they may look identical at first glance, there are a few notable differences between the Douglas and Endy mattresses. For example, the Endy mattress feels a bit more supportive than the Douglas and they have different materials in their comfort layers.

Both mattresses work well for fans of that classic, slow-moving feel. They’re also both sold at value prices! At the end of the day, it boils down to your own personal preference.

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Hey y'all elyssa here with mattress Clarity today I'm putting two popular Canadian mattresses Head to Head we're Talking about the Douglas versus ND to Help you find the perfect mattress for You I'll go over each bed's firmness Feel and unique features but don't Forget you can read both of these Reviews at and You'll find some money saving coupons in The description below let's get started [Music] Before we get into the details I do want To let you know if you choose to buy Either mattress from our affiliate links In the description below we may earn a Bit of commission this helps us fund our Mattress testing operations and it keeps All of our content free to you [Music] Let's kick things off by talking about What these beds have in common first of All they are both all foam mattresses Made entirely out of memory foam and They both have similar company policies With both of these beds you'll get a 15-year warranty and you'll get free Shipping and free returns these Mattresses also fall in similar price Ranges and they both isolate motion well Which is great news for couples now for The main differences between these Mattresses first of all the ND mattress Has a classic medium firm feel well the

Douglas feels a little bit softer and Both of these mattresses have different Materials in their comfort layers Foreign Let's chat about the construction Differences of these mattresses first of All both of them are 10 inches tall but Let's start by talking about the Douglas This mattress has a removable and Machine washable cover the first Comfort Layer contains gel infused foam which Helps to dissipate body heat underneath That you'll find a layer of their Special elastics foam which acts as a Transition layer and then at the bottom You've got a layer of high density Support foam the ND mattress also has Three layers in its construction but the First layer is made with their Proprietary ND foam this material feels A lot more responsive and breathable in Comparison to traditional memory foam Underneath that you've got a transition Layer made out of traditional polyfoam Followed by a thick piece of high Density support foam it's very similar To what you'll find in the Douglas [Music] Moving on to each mattress's firmness Level and feel now the Douglas mattress Is a bit softer than the ND the Douglas Comes in at a 6 out of 10 while the ND Feels like a six and a half out of ten Now for reference our firmness scale

Ranks six and a half out of ten as the Industry standard for medium firm and Because I have slightly different Firmness levels they feel a bit Different as well the Douglas has more Of a slow moving memory foam that you Can gently sink into the ND mattress Feels a bit more balanced and responsive [Music] Of course we got to talk about sleeping Positions as well let's start by talking About the Douglas this mattress feels a Bit softer than average so when I sleep On it it feels pretty good while I'm Resting on my back but heavier people Might need a bit more support where the Douglas really shines is when you're Side sleeping because it's a bit softer You'll get some extra comfort and Pressure relief along your shoulders and Your hips the Douglas isn't a great Mattress for stomach sleepers though Because it's just not quite supportive Enough to keep your hips in the proper Alignment moving on to the Endy this One's a bit firmer so in my opinion I Think it works way better for back Sleepers much better balance of comfort And support in this sleeping position in Comparison to the Douglas the ND Mattress could work well for most side Sleepers but some folks might feel like They need a bit more pressure relief and Again the ND mattress is not a great

Choice for stomach sleepers because Stomach sleepers just need something a Bit firmer look for something closer or To a seven or an 8 out of 10 if this is Your preferred sleeping position [Music] As a partner you want to pay close Attention to your mattresses motion Isolation and Edge support motion Isolation simply means if you're sharing A bed with a partner and they start Shifting sleeping positions in the night Will you feel that movement come over to Your side of the bed unfortunately both Mattresses isolate motion really well They're both entirely made out of foam So if your partner starts tossing and Turning you really shouldn't be Disturbed on your side of the bed Edge Support is another important thing to Consider because if your bed isn't Supportive around the sides it can force Both people to sleep closer to the Center of the mattress which you know You can't utilize a full surface area of The mattress and that's not good so Unfortunately both of these mattresses Don't have great Edge support because They're entirely made out of foam They're not as supportive around the Sides as many inner spring mattresses Are you're not going to feel like you're Going to roll off either bed but if Edge Support is super important to you I

Recommend looking for a hybrid or an Inner spring mattress for I wondering How much these mattresses cost well Fortunately they're about in the same Price range especially when you factor In our mattress Clarity discounts the ND Mattress cost 8.95 full price for a Queen while the Douglas costs 7.99 for The same thing but don't forget check Out our coupons below and you can save a Little bit of dough [Music] Who should get the Douglas mattress well This bed works really well for fans of a More slow moving feel and because this Mattress is a bit softer it's really Really great for side sleepers Who should get the ND mattress this bed Is better suited for fans of traditional Medium firm mattresses this bed also has A balanced foam feel so you're not going To sink into it as much and if that's What you're looking for and use the best Choice well that's about it at this Point you should know which mattress is Best for you but if you still have some Questions leave them for us in the Comments below and we will help you out And don't forget you can read our full Reviews at and find Some money saving coupons while you're There see ya Foreign [Music]