DONT GET A MESSY FACE!! Adley and Mom play Yeti in my Spaghetti 🍝 (new game review)

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HEY EVERYBODY!! So here’s a secret about me, my favorite food is Spaghetti!! My mom made if for me for lunch and then wanted to play a game!! She got me Yeti in my Spaghetti because we love that food so much!! so this is how you play! –

Place the noodles across the top of the bowl and sit Yeti on top
Take turns removing the noodles one-by-one without letting Yeti fall!
If you make Yeti fall, you lose!
This is a Silly, easy-to-play game.Who knew yetis liked spaghetti?!? We did! We also added a special twist in the game!! If you make the yeti fall you get real spaghetti on your face!!

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