Dani Roche – Kastor & Pollux (Canada) | Keynote Presentation – 10 May | Digital Jove 2019

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Digital Jove 2019 | 10 May | www.digitaljove.com
UIMP Valencia – Palau de Pineda | Valencia, Spain

Keynote Presentation Title:
“[Job Title] To Be Determined”

Short Synopsis:
If I own my own business, am I technically a freelancer? What is freelance anyway? And what are our responsibilities within institutions and to organizations if we are creating our own systems?
In a rapidly changing design industry, autonomy drives decisions. And though the economy has shifted to accommodate self-starters, it’s lonely at the top, and wearing many hats gets exhausting.

Let’s stop grappling with the task of defining our purpose and our individual responsibilities [to contribute to a greater good], and instead advocate for true change and representation within the design industry – because the work starts there. [Job Title] To Be Determined, is a self-reflective investigation about how it’s our responsibility as a design community to work to have the “self-starter” seen as normalized instead of subversive or even celebrated.

Dani Roche is a design professor and owner of the Toronto-based creative studio Kastor & Pollux which produces thoughtful branded content for a new media consumer. Her work includes installation, branding and brand development, and content creation in the fashion, tech, and lifestyle spaces. She began her first business at the age of 16 and has been trying to figure everything out since then.

Kastor & Pollux is a female-driven creative studio telling stories through thoughtful branded content and multi-disciplinary design.

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Digital Jove 2019 | 9-11 May 2019 | Valencia, Spain


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